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  • Written by Zachgoose - Mon, 25 Jan 2016 19:02:44 +0000
    The Pokémon commercial that will be played during the Superbowl 2016 has been revealed, and it will be a shortened version of this video. While it doesn't directly promote any products, it is interesting that Nintendo would use this form of advertising.

    What do you think of this video? Is it effective as an advertisement?

  • Written by Zachgoose - Mon, 14 Dec 2015 19:52:57 +0000
    Today, Nintendo has officially revealed Volcanion. What are your thoughts on this new and exciting Pokémon that we totally haven't known about for years?

  • Written by Zachgoose - Thu, 10 Dec 2015 03:58:22 +0000
    Following the leak from a few days ago, the Pokkén Tournament Sceptile trailer has now been officially revealed. His mega evolution is confirmed to be playble as well. Farfetch'd and Electrode were two supporting Pokémon revealed in this video. Does this mean that we might eventually see Swampert, as Sceptile and Blaziken now have roster slots? Check out the Sceptile video below.

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  • Mewtwo Mewtwo
  • Region: Japan
  • Where:
    Movie preorder
  • When: 07/13/13 - ???
  • Games: B/W/B2/W2
  • Meloetta Meloetta
  • Region: USA/Canada
  • Where:
    GameStop/EB Games
  • When: 03/09/2013-???
  • Games: B2/W2
  • Deoxys Deoxys
  • Region: Japan
  • Where:
    Pokémon Centers
  • When: 03/20/2013-05/06/2013
  • Games: B2/W2
  • Magikarp Magikarp
  • Region: Japan
  • Where:
    Nagoya Pokémon Center
  • When: 03/20/2013-05/06/2013
  • Games: B2/W2
  • Keldeo Keldeo
  • Region: USA
  • Where:
  • When: 08/27/2012 - 010/6/2012
  • Games: B/W

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