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  • Written by SuperSceptile - Fri, 13 Nov 2015 01:51:48 +0000
    Earlier today Nintendo hosted the first new Nintendo Direct since E3. Most of the direct featured new announcements for games that we already knew about, but there were a few surprising reveals! Here's a recap of the direct:

    Twilight Princess HD and Wolf Link Amiibo
    After months of speculation, Twilight Princess HD was officially revealed along with a brand new amiibo. The amiibo will be compatible with Zelda U, and the Smash series Zelda amiibo will be compatible with Twilight Princess HD. Details on what the amiibo features are, however, have not been revealed.

    Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
    We did not learn anything that we did not already know about regarding Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, but we did get a look at some new footage, and a look at Bill Trinen's style.

    Splatoon Update
    Two new maps were announced, called Mahi Mahi Resort and Museum d'Alfonsino. Museum d'Alfonsino will go live in an update on 14th November and Mahi Mahi Resort will be showing up in an update sometime between now and January. Additionally, over 40 pieces of new gear will be added in an update today that will most notably include bandanas and winter themed gear.

    Pokémon Picross Revealed
    A new 3DS Pokémon themed Free-to-Start game is launching Early December.

    Pokkén Tournament Shadow Mewtwo Details and Launch Window
    Last week, Shadow Mewtwo was teased in a trailer for Pokkén Torunament. Today, we were given details on whether he was just a boss fight or playable. Shadow Mewtwo can be unlocked by using an amiibo card that will come with early prints of the game, or it can be unlocked by completing certain requirements not yet specified. We also found out that the game will launch in Spring next year.

    More Star Fox Zero Footage Shown Along With New Release Date
    Recently we learned that Star Fox Zero was delayed. Today we were given a new trailer along with a new release date. Star Fox Zero releases on April 22nd, 2016.

    Fire Emblem Fates Release Date and Bundle
    Fire Emblem Fates will be releasing on February 19th. A bundle that includes all 3 of the different paths will also be released at $79.99. Alternatively, to those who buy either Birthright or Conquest, you can download the other for $19.99, rather than $39.99.

    Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow Coming to the 3DS Virtual Console
    After a long wait, the original Generation 1 Pokémon games are finally coming to the virtual console. Trading and battling can now be done through wireless networks. These 3 classic games are coming to 3DS on February 27th, 2015.

    Female Link, Named "Linkle" Confirmed For Hyrule Warriors Legends
    The idea of a female version of Link has been a popular topic on the internet, and today it happened. Linkle was confirmed for Hyrule Warriors Legends.

    Cloud Strife Confirmed For Smash Brothers For Wii U and 3DS
    The surprise announcement of the direct was that Cloud Strife from the popular Final Fantasy 7 was confirmed for Smash Brothers. Along with this, Nintendo announced a special Smash stream for December. No more details were given.

    That's it for the recap of the direct. To watch the rest to see things I didn't mention here such as Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy Explorers, and Megaman Legacy Collection, click the video below.

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  • Written by Zachgoose - Mon, 09 Nov 2015 06:45:08 +0000
    BlizzCon was this weekend, and several new feature were revealed in Blizzard games. A quick recap of the major news is listed below:

    Warcraft Movie Trailer
    The trailer for the Warcraft movie was revealed. The movie will be in theatres June 10, 2016.

    New Adventure: The League of Explorers

    World of Warcraft
    Leigion Cinematic unvealed. The expansion will launch in the Summer of 2016.

    Three heroes, Mei, Genji and D.Va were revealed. The game will be $40 to purhcase on PC with an alternate Origins Edition with bonus content. Release date is Spring 2016.

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  • Written by Zachgoose - Wed, 04 Nov 2015 15:56:18 +0000
    Pokkén Tournament
    At the end of a recent trailer, Shadow Mewtwo has been revealed. It will likely be a playable character in the Wii U version. It is possible that this is similar to the Shadow Lugia from Pokémon XD.

    Event Zoroark
    A Mystery Gift Zoroark is available to download in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in North America. This Zoroark knows the special move Sludge Bomb, which it cannot normally learn and is an important move for competitive play.

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