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Porygon-Z Analysis
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This article gives you ideas of how to use Porygon-Z in battle in the Pokémon Black, Pokémon White and Pokemon B2W2 Games. It lists popular movesets used by competitive battlers, as well as a description on how to use each set to help you understand why the moves were chosen. These popular sets are usually the best to use in battle and so reading this guide will help you in your team building.

Gen 4: Overview

Ability Nature Item HP Atk. Def. SpAtk. SpDef. Speed
Adaptability Modest / Timid life orb / leftovers 4 0 0 252 0 252
There are no current set statistics analysed

Take your pick between items. Leftovers if you want that little recovery per turn, Life Orb if you want that additional little kick, (At the cost of 10% of your HP every attack.) Lum Berry avoids Status that would end your sweep, (Paralysis and Sleep) and Silk Scarf adds more or a power boost to all your normal attacks on top of STAB and Adaptability. Adaptability is probably the better ability here as it you will be increasing your Special Attack with Nasty Plot anyway. With Modest Nature, Life Orb, and one Nasty Plot, Hyper Beam can OHKO a Max HP / Max Def Blissey. But will leave you unable to switch. (Because you will be too busy CHARGIN YOUR LAZOR.)

But if Hyper Beam isn´t quite your style then choose Tri-Attack as with Adaptability makes even Tri-Attack monstrously powerful. For the 3rd moveslot pick between Dark Pulse and Thunderbolt. Dark Pulse is Superior as it offers Neutral damage against everything when used with Hidden Power Fighting. But you can achieve Bolt-Beam coverage if you want more super effective hits.

Ability Nature Item HP Atk. Def. SpAtk. SpDef. Speed
Adaptability / Download Modest / Timid choice scarf / choice specs 4 0 0 252 0 252
There are no current set statistics analysed

Either with Choice Specs or Choice Scarf this thing is a beast. Choice Specs usually deals more immediate damage while the Choice Scarf users sweep quite often. Ability is all based on how you use P-Z. If you switch a Scarf P-Z onto the right Pokemon with Download it will have a Specs and Scarf boost, but Adaptability gives that sure fire power boost in all STAB attacks.

Tri-Attack is the superior choice of STAB moves but Hyper Beam does pack one helluva pounding. Dark Pulse helps out with Gengar, Alakazam, and Azelf. Ice Beam hits the Dragons and Flyers, while you take you pick inbetween Hidden Power Fighting for Steels and Rocks, Thunderbolt for Bulky Waters, or Trick your Choice Item to a foe thanks to the Platinum Move Tutor.

Ability Nature Item HP Atk. Def. SpAtk. SpDef. Speed
Adaptability / Download Modest life orb / leftovers 68 0 0 252 0 188
There are no current set statistics analysed

The given Speed EV´s allow you to outrun Timid Scarf Gengar. If that doesn´t concern you then you can go to 148 Speed EV´s to always outrun Speed Deoxys. All of the other EV´s should go into HP as they won´t really be useful anywhere else.

Agility to put yourself in a situation to sweep and attack accordingly. Pick between Ice Beam and Hidden Power Fighting to take care of Dragons or Steels and Rocks. Dark Pulse to cover Ghosts and Psychics, Thunderbolt covers Waters and Flyers.

Most Used Set


Other Options

Hidden Power [Ground]: If you want to surprise Heatran, Metagross, and Magnezone.

Shadow Ball: Dark Pulse is far better but if you want a shot at a Special Defense drop go ahead.

Psychic: It can surprise fighting pokes but if you got Adaptability and a STAB move it really isn´t needed.

Charge Beam: Useable on Choice Sets possibly but yet again useless knowing it has Nasty Plot.

Signal Beam: If you really dislike Celebi and Exeggutor then this is your fix. Other than that Dark Pulse or Ice Beam is superior.

Zap Cannon: If you feeling lucky this can really f*** someone up with base 120 power and a 100% Paralyze rate, but only hits 50% of the time.

Thunder Wave: Can be an alternative to Agility on that set if you wanna throw some Status around.

Usual Counters

Blissey, Probopass, and Registeel are the best counters but all need to be weary of Hidden Power Fighting or Ground in Probopass´s case. But really all you need to do is outspeed it and hit it hard as it isnt excatly bulky.


A serious late game threat and will be more than willing to clean up a battle for you. Nasty Plot slightly above average Speed and monstrous Special Attack, you don´t wanna run into this guy often. Too bad it´s Physical movepool is so pathetic tho.

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