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Gallade Analysis
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This article gives you ideas of how to use Gallade in battle in the Pokémon Black, Pokémon White and Pokemon B2W2 Games. It lists popular movesets used by competitive battlers, as well as a description on how to use each set to help you understand why the moves were chosen. These popular sets are usually the best to use in battle and so reading this guide will help you in your team building.

Gen 5: Overview

Gen V was a mixed blessing for Gallade. On the one hand, with bigger, stronger Fighting types like Conkeldurr and Scrafty around, Gallade was pushed into the UU tier, as opposed to being BL in Gen IV Gallade also missed out on some key buffs that Fighting types got, like the increased power of High Jump Kick.. However, with the buff of Drain Punch and an excellent move pool, Gallade still has the ability to become an extremely viable threat, especially in UU. Gallade also finally has the ability to run a Bulk Up set, and to actually take advantage of its very nice 115 Special Defense.

Ability Nature Item HP Atk. Def. SpAtk. SpDef. Speed
Steadfast Careful leftovers 252 16 0 0 240 0
There are no current set statistics analysed

With the buff of Drain Punch, Gallade finally has the potential to run a Bulk Up set, which is potentially Gallade´s best set. This set is similar to Roobushin, except it uses Substitute and it´s priority has awesome coverage with Drain Punch.

With Bulk Up, Gallade has a way to boost its great Attack and meager Defense stats while being able to take advantage of its great 115 base Special Defense. Substitute works great with a Bulk Up set, as it protects Gallade from nasty status effects like Burn and Toxic. Substitute also allows Gallade to get off a free Bulk Up. Drain Punch is fantastic, as it gives Gallade a powerful attack and eliable way of recovery. Shadow Sneak has great type coverage with Drain Punch, and it gives Gallade a great priority move that are either weak or resistant or immune to Drain Punch.

Additional Comments

As an added note, Will–O–Wisp can be used in the second move slot in order to cripple Physical attackers, but Substitute is much better, especially with the premier counter to Gallade being Darmanitan. Ice Punch can also be used in OU to nail Gliscor.

Ability Nature Item HP Atk. Def. SpAtk. SpDef. Speed
Steadfast Jolly life orb 4 252 0 0 0 252
There are no current set statistics analysed

With Swords Dance, Gallade can become an extremely threatening offensive threat. Swords Dance boosts Gallade´s attack to an insane 698. Close Combat is recommended in the second move slot, and will wreck anything that isn´t a Physical Wall or resistant to it. Psycho Cut is recommended in the third slot, being STAB and having pretty solid type coverage with Close Combat. The last move slot is mainly for type coverage. Stone Edge is recommended so that Gallade can get a solid hit against Arcanine, Darmanitan (on the switch), and flying types. Shadow Sneak could be used for priority and to pick off weaker Pokemon. Ice Punch nails Sceptile and Donphan, but they take roughly the same amount from a neutral Close Combat.

Ability Nature Item HP Atk. Def. SpAtk. SpDef. Speed
Steadfast Jolly lum berry / life orb 4 252 0 0 0 252
There are no current set statistics analysed

Stone´s classic set returns to Gen V, only this time, Gallade is using it in the UU tier. Steadfast is the ability of choice so that Gallade receives a Speed Boost from flinch leads, like Ambipom.

Close Combat nails Chansey, Ambipom, Weavile, Mamoswine, and Kyurem for super effective damage. Zen Headbutt is used mainly to nail Roserade to bring it down to its Focus Sash. Zen Headbutt can also be used to hit Weezing hard. Shadow Sneak picks off weakened Pokemon and severely damages Alakazam and Mismagius. The last move slot is mainly for type coverage. Stone Edge nails Pokemon like Arcanine, Hihidaruma, Houndoom, and Swellow for super effective damage. Ice Punch can be used to nail Donphan and Sceptile while still hitting the birds hard, but you will lose coverage on Fire Types. Also, a super effective Ice Punch does roughly the same amount as a neutral Close Combat.

Additional Comments

Lum Berry is the recommended item of choice in order to beat status leads, like Roserade. Life Orb can be used for increased power though.

Ability Nature Item HP Atk. Def. SpAtk. SpDef. Speed
Steadfast Jolly / Adamant choice scarf / choice band 4 252 0 0 0 252
There are no current set statistics analysed

With a Choice item, Gallade has the ability to perform one of two roles: a solid revenge killer or a threatening offensive force. Choice Scarf is recommended so that Gallade can out speed threats like Terakion (before Rock Polish) and Non-Scarfed Hihidaruma. Choice Band can be used to make Gallade an excellent late game sweeper, especially if all faster threats are eliminated (or paralyzed).

Close Combat is recommended in the first slot, as it is the most powerful Fighting attack that Gallade has access to. Psycho Cut is STAB and has fairly good coverage alongside Close Combat. The third move slot is for type coverage. Stone Edge nails Arcanine for a 2HKO while Ice Punch can hit Sceptile (who Gallade out speeds with a Choice Scarf) and Donphan. Trick is recommended for the last move slot, as it allows Gallade to break down some walls that cause it some trouble, like Spiritomb.

Additional Comments

EVs are standard in order to maximize Gallade´s speed and attack. Jolly is recommended, but Adamant can be used for extra power.

Team Mates

Pokemon that can handle dangerous threats like Alakazan, Mismagius, Terakion, and Darmanitan are recommended for Gallade. Chansey can handle Mismagius and Alakazam (provided that it doesn´t get tricked). Milotic is a great counter to Darmanitan, resisting it´s STAB and recovering off the damage. Weezing can take a Close Combat or a Stone Edge and burn Terakion. Donphan can handle non balloon variants, but it really can´t switch in on banded variants. Gallade also has trouble with physical walls like Milotic, so Pokemon like Roserade and Sceptile are great teammates in order to take those out. Gallade also really hates being Burned, so a cleric, such as Chansey, would be very much appreciated.

Other Options

Gallade has a ton of other options to choose from:

Leaf Blade- Powerful attack, but is really only useful to hit Milotic, who takes just about the same amount from a super effective Close Combat

Will–O–Wisp- Can be used on a support set. Gallade has the niche of being one of the few Fighting Types with access to Will–O–Wisp, so it can catch the opponent off guard

Earthquake- Powerful Attack, but really adds no extra coverage that Gallade doesn´t get with Close Combat/Stone Edge/Night Slash/Shadow Sneak

Brick Break- Gallade´s choice of Fighting attack in Gen IV other than Close Combat. Unfortunately, with the buff of Drain Punch, it´s not really all that useful, unless you´re really worried about Dual Screens.

Disable- With 100% accuracy, this can be used behind a Substitute to mess with your opponent´s strategy.

Focus Punch- Can be used with Substitute for the classic Sub/Punch strategy. Really packs a punch with Gallade´s base 125 Attack stat.

Magic Coat- Gallade is the only Fighting Pokemon with access to Magic Coat, which can prove useful on a support set, mainly to completely catch your opponent off guard and surprise them with either Entry Hazards or a nasty Status Effect

Fire Punch- one of the Elemental Punches. Gallade can use this in OU in order to hit Pokemon like Ferrothorn or Foretress, but it really doesn´t have all too much use in UU.

Thunder Punch- Can be used along Ice Punch for the amazing Bolt/Beam Punch combo. However, Close Combat/Night Slash is more powerful.

Thunder Wave- An awesome support option that can be used to help Gallade and their teammates beat some faster threats seen in UU, like Terakion and Hihidaruma.

Confuse Ray- Can be used along side Thunder Wave for the Para-Fusion combo.

Wish- Allows Gallade to not only have a reliable way of recovery, but also lets Gallade be a Wish Passer. This role is usually better suited for bulkier Pokemon however. It should also be noted that Wish is illegal with egg moves.

X-Scissor- Allows Gallade to hit its fellow Psychic Types along with some Dark Types, but all the Dark types are hit with Close Combat (minus Spiritomb)

Poison Jab- An attack option......but not a very good one. Poison has horrid type coverage.

Trick Room- Gallade is the only Fighting Pokemon with access to Trick Room, but Gallade tends to be too fast in order to utilize it properly.

Usual Counters

Darmanitan is a fantastic counter to Gallade, as it is faster than all variants and can OHKO with U-turn. Pokemon that are faster than Gallade, like Terakion, can easily take out Gallade. Mismagius and Alakazam can defeat Gallade, provided that Gallade isn´t packing Shadow Sneak. On the defensive side, Spiritomb is immune to both of Gallade´s STAB and can either start setting up or Burn Gallade, since Shadow Sneak will never OHKO. Milotic can also wall Gallade and has a chance to burn in with Scald. Milotic might not be able to break the subs of Bulk Up Gallade however.


Gallade is a fantastic Pokemon. With the right team support, Gallade can completely decimate teams with its newly acquired Bulk Up set. In the right hands, Gallade can be a huge offensive threat.

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