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Haxorus Analysis
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This article gives you ideas of how to use Haxorus in battle in the Pokémon Black, Pokémon White and Pokemon B2W2 Games. It lists popular movesets used by competitive battlers, as well as a description on how to use each set to help you understand why the moves were chosen. These popular sets are usually the best to use in battle and so reading this guide will help you in your team building.

Gen 5: Overview

Haxorus was one of the most hyped Pokemon before the Black and White games were released, simply because of its base 147 attack and its Dragon-typed STAB moves. Haxorus also got Mold Breaker, allowing it to have nearly perfect coverage with Outrage and Earthquake. After a boost from Dragon Dance or Swords Dance, Haxorus can become a big threat to any unprepared team. It has resistances to some commonly-used moves, like Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric moves. These resistances, combined with decent defenses, can allow Haxorus to set up and sweep. So then, what is stopping Haxorus from being a top Pokemon? The main reason is its speed. A base 97 speed, even after a Dragon Dance boost, fails to out-speed many Pokemon, most notably the vast number of base 100 Pokemon and Hydreigon, which sits at base 98 speed. Also, Haxorus´ move pool is very limited. Haxorus gets nearly perfect coverage with Outrage and Earthquake, but another good move, especially a physical Fire-typed move, would have been much appreciated. Also, besides Attack, Haxorus´ stats (like Special Attack, Special Defense, and HP) are not all that great.

Ability Nature Item HP Atk. Def. SpAtk. SpDef. Speed
Mold Breaker Jolly nature life orb / leftovers 24 252 0 0 40 200
There are no current set statistics analysed

This has to be Haxorus´ best set right now. After a Dragon Dance, Haxorus becomes very threatening, and not many Pokemon can take its attacks. Haxorus has almost unresisted coverage due to having Ground and Dragon moves along with Mold Breaker, making it hard to stop. Dragon Dance is the obvious choice for the first slot. For the primary Dragon move of choice, Outrage is Haxorus´ strongest move and will severely dent a lot of things, even those Steel Pokemon that resist Outrage. However, Outrage does have the bad side effect of locking Haxorus into Outrage for two to three turns, so if a more consistent move is preferred, then Dragon Claw can be used. There is a major power difference between Outrage and Dragon Claw though. Earthquake is the best for the third slot, getting very good coverage with the Dragon move of choice. For the last slot, Taunt is preferred, as it allows Haxorus to stop defensive Pokemon that resist Haxorus´ attacks, most notably Skarmory. However, if Outrage is being used for the second slot, then Dragon Claw can be used instead of Taunt for a consistent Stab move.

Additional Comments

The EVs are actually very specialized for this set. 252 Atk EVs allow Haxorus to have as much power as possible, and 200 Speed EVs with a Jolly nature are used to out-speed base 90 Pokemon like Lucario. Max speed EVs could be used, but there isn´t a real point to running max speed, since most of the things that Haxorus would out-speed aren´t that common. 24 HP EVs are used to hit a Life Orb number, meaning that Haxorus could use the Life Orb 11 times instead of ten if Haxorus doesn´t get hit by any attacks. The other 40 EVs are put into Special Defense to make Haxorus slightly bulkier, though they could be put into other stats like Speed or Defense. Life Orb is the preferred item, but Leftovers can be used to make Haxorus bulkier.

Ability Nature Item HP Atk. Def. SpAtk. SpDef. Speed
Mold Breaker Jolly nature life orb / leftovers 24 252 0 0 40 200
There are no current set statistics analysed

This Haxorus set focuses more on wall-breaking rather than sweeping. It boosts Haxorus´ attack to monsterous levels, which allows Haxorus to damage just about anything after a Swords Dance boost. Swords Dance is the obvious choice for the first slot. Outrage is preferred for the second slot, as Outrage is Haxorus´ strongest move. Outrage locks Haxorus into the field for two to three turns, so if a more consistent move is preferred, then Dragon Claw should be used, though it should be noted that Outrage has substantially more power than Dragon Claw. Earthquake is used for the third slot, getting great coverage with Haxorus´ Dragon moves. Taunt is used for the last slot, as it allows Haxorus to cripple some defensive Pokemon, like Jellicent and Blissey. Dragon Claw can also be used here instead of Taunt if Outrage is used for the second slot, as Dragon Claw is a consistent Stab move that has decent power.

Additional Comments

The listed EV spread is used to out-speed base 90 speed Pokemon, like Lucario. 24 HP EVs hit the Life Orb number, allowing Haxorus to use the Life Orb eleven times instead of ten if Haxorus doesn´t take any damage. Another EV spread is one with 252 Atk, 232 Spe, and 24 HP EVs with an Adamant nature. This spread allows Haxorus to have more power, and this Haxorus build also outspeeds max speed Gyarados. You could also opt for the traditional 252 Atk, 252 Spe EV spread if you are concerned about outspeeding other Haxorus, but it doesn´t help Haxorus that much otherwise. Life Orb is the preferred item, but Leftovers can be used for more longevity.

Ability Nature Item HP Atk. Def. SpAtk. SpDef. Speed
Mold Breaker Jolly / Adamant nature choice band / choice scarf 0 252 0 0 4 252
There are no current set statistics analysed

This Haxorus set is used for simply attacking the opponent straight away, instead of boosting its stats first. With the Choice Band, Haxorus becomes an extremely powerful physical attacker, and with the Choice Scarf, Haxorus can be a potent revenge-killer. Outrage and Earthquake are self-explanatory here, they are Haxorus´ best moves and they provide very good coverage with each other. For the third slot, Dragon Claw is recommended for its consistent damage output and the fact that it doesn´t lock Haxorus into play like Outrage does. Dual Chop can be used here as well, mainly for breaking Substitutes from certain Pokemon. Dual Chop basically has the same power as Dragon Claw, however Dual Chopés 90% accuracy can be bad at times. Brick Break is the best choice for the last slot, as it gives Haxorus a decent method of dealing with Ferrothorn and Tyranitar, and Haxorus really doesn´t have any other good moves for the last slot.

Additional Comments

Max attack and speed EVs are recommended for this set. Haxorus doesn´t need the 24 HP EVs to hit the LO number for this particular set. A Jolly or Adamant nature can be used depending on what Haxorus is trying to accomplish for the team.

Team Mates

Scizor can work well with Haxorus. While being a physical hitter like Haxorus, Scizor resists Haxorus´ Dragon and Ice Weaknesses, and Scizor can do heavy damage to many of the fast Pokemon that can trouble Haxorus, like Latios, Starmie, and Gengar. Magnezone also can work well with Haxorus, especially since it can eliminate certain Steel-typed Pokemon like Skarmory. In general, Steel Pokemon can work well with Haxorus, since they resist Haxorus´ Dragon and Ice weaknesses. Haxorus also loves to have entry hazards on the field, especially Stealth Rocks, as they turn some 2HKOs into OHKOs.

Other Options

Brick Break- Can be used on the stat-boosting Haxorus sets to hit Ferrothorn, Tyranitar, and Air Balloon Heatran harder than Haxorus´ other moves. However, it usually gets inferior coverage when compared to the coverage of Outrage and Earthquake. Note also that Skarmory is actually hit harder by Outrage than Brick Break.

Dragon Tail- Could be used as a phazing move, and it actually hits hard off of Haxorus´ great attack attack stat. However, having Haxorus move last could spell its demise, as its defenses aren´t the greatest.

Substitute- Can be used on Haxorus´ sets to help it set up. When used at the right time, it can be helpful.

Haban Berry/Yache Berry- can be used to survive some fatal attacks, and may give Haxorus a chance to use its boosting move.

Usual Counters

Skarmory, with its resistance to Haxorus´ Dragon and Ground moves, has to be Haxorus´ biggest counter. Skarmory can´t do much in the way of direct damage to Haxorus though, and Haxorus´ Taunt will cripple Skarmory. In general, other physicals, like Hippwodon and Gliscor, can all take some hits from Haxorus, but will eventually go down to repeated hits. Gyarados and Air Balloon Heatran can also counter Haxorus well. Gyarados´ Intimidate lowers Haxorus´ Attack, making it more manageable, and Balloon Heatran can survive Haxorus´ Dragon and Ground attacks. Aside from the physical walls, most common Pokemon are simply too weak to take Haxorus´ attacks. The most common way of dealing with Haxorus is usually by KOing it with something faster. Pokemon like Latios, Starmie, and Salamence all can out-speed Haxorus and heavily damage, if not KO, it. They just need to switch in without being KOed in the process.


Haxorus has´ an amazingly high Attack stat, almost on par with Groudon and Rayquazaés Attack stats. With its almost unresisted move coverage, along with its boosting moves, Haxorus can become a major threat to unprepared teams.

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