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Database: Arcanine
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Using Arcanine in battle

Most Used Arcanine Set: The pepper set is rising in popularity, since pepper can survive a lot of moves from things, and cripple them back, pepper is only 3hkoed by cb duggys earth quake after intimidate factored in, and if theres no intimidate then its 2hkoed, but after it uses the earth quake pepper can further cripple its attack stat by throwing a wow at its face which should cripple it enough. The band set should also be considered, since arcanine gets flare blitz which allows it to put a hurting on a lot of things, and thunder fang should dent those bulky waters. (If you dont know what pepper is, its a set involving bulky arcanine with wow and has the ability intimidate etc)

Usual Counters: Bulky waters counter both arcanines most popular sets, obviously, although, a lot of them are 2hkoed by a predicted choice band thunder fang, although, suicune has a chance of surviving, and throwing a stab surf which should ko, pepper is much easier to take care of by bulky waters, since it cant really do a lot of damage like the choice band set can.

Sets Used To Counter Its Counters: The choice band set serves a rather interesting choice if you want to counter its counters whom consist of some bulky waters, since a choice band boosted thunder fang has a chance at scoring a neat ko on all those pesky bulky water types, not only that but the choice band set has a very nice stab attack that will hurt a lot of pokemons and even do some respectable damage to those whom resist it.

Arcanine Is Most Used On: Offensive teams use arcanine if it uses the choice band set, since it hits and hurts like hell with its powerful high powered attacks, stall teams will also appreciate the use of pepper since it makes physical attackers hurt less with intimidate and wile o wisp, thus allowing some entry hazard set uppers like tentacruel or skarmory, to come on with much more safety and set up entry hazards, hence you will see pepper on stall oriented teams, since the members of said stall team will appreciate the aid arcanine is giving to them by crippling opponents pokemons making them have an easier time setting up entry hazards.

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