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Using Charizard in battle

Most Used Zard Set: Belly zard is obviously the most used, not only is it fun to sweep with this beast, but this basically can sweep teams in late game. Really I find a well built charizard team capable of netting you a lot of wins. Specs sets can also hurt like hell with their powerful stab attacks and high special attack and speed stats, which will aid them further in becoming powerful sweepers, hence why you might see some if youre not against a belly zard or a belly zard team.

Usual Counters: Suicune and harirama serve as decent counters to belly zard. Suicune can not be ohkoed by a +6 attack earth quake or fire punch, which quite makes it a good belly zard counter since its one of the few pokemons in the game (that arent uber) that can survive a +6 move from a full set up belly zard (meaning it got its blaze boost and salac boost), even salamence and gyarados are koed by fire punch, even after factoring intimidate. Hariama can also somewhat survive a fire punch thanks to thick fat, and he will easily survive an earth quake. Now if you decide to use the double edge belly zard set then the recoil from double edge kills you but also kills hariama, now the recoil from double edge will kill you because the recoil damage is calculated depending on how much higher the hp stat of the opponent is than yours (if its less than yours then youll take pitiful recoil damage).

And hariama happens to have one of the highest hp stats to date, hence charizard and hariama will both get koed if charizard uses double edge. It should be noted that some belly zards are starting to carry fly, since with fly you can ko every single poke in the game, but if you miss then it will end your sweep. Now as for the choice specs set, it should basically be countered by prediction, since even blissey, the might special wall, gets 2hkoed by a specs boosted focus blast, unless ofcourse it carries abysmal hp and special defense evs.

Sets Used To Counter Its Counters: Well the choice specs set is only countered by prediction and some good luck, so you basically have to outpredict your opponent. The belly zard set can also run fly if it wants to kill suicune or hariama, but sadly if it misses fly then its sweep will be over, and that is something youd obviously dont want to happen.

Charizard Is Most Used On: Charizard usually has a team centered around it, basically all members of the team have to support charizard and aid it at sweeping the opposition with its belly drum set. Be careful about how you build the team, though, since you have to have a rapid spinner, and a roarer to reveal some pokes of your opponents team, since once revealed you can know if they usually carry priority moves and if they do then you need to take out said pokes for allowing your zard to sweep with out any priority user stopping your belly zard sweep. Not only that but you might need some paralysis support to further aid your sweep, like some pokemons that can use thunder wave effectively but arent expected to have it on their sets.

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