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Database: Smeargle
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Using Smeargle in battle

Most Used Smeargle Set: Spore, baton pass, ingrain and some stat upping move that you want to pass to your receiver (dd to Lucario, nasty plot to gengar etc).

Usual Counters: Really, what can counter a poke that can run every single move in the game, and besides, smeargles purpose isnt attacking, but instead, abusing its ability to baton pass a lot of stat boosts, so basically, you shouldnt be too scared of it, just be careful to not let it set up a lot of stat ups that can be bped to an effective sweeper, that mind end up sweeping your team, so basically, just hit it as hard as you can to not allow it to get too much boosts.

Sets Used To Counter Its Counters: You basically need to outpredict your opponent, your plan is to get as many stat up boosts as possible and then bping said stat up boosts to your powerful hard hitting receiver, you can accomplish this with good prediction, so good prediction is the key to let you get as much boosts as possible.

Smeargle Is Most Used On: Bp chain teams, or one of those teams that run one bper, and 2 recievers.

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