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Database: Weavile
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Using Weavile in battle

Most Used Weavile Set: Weavile is usually used as a sd sweeper, and as such it should be another dangerous stat up sweeper to look out for, weavile has a very high speed, and a unique typing which gives it excellent coverage.

Usual Counters: Weavile really doesnt like bronzong or skarmory or fortress, bronzong can ko with gyro bal whilst being only 3hkoed by a +2 night slash from sash weavile, same goes to skarmory but for ice punch, and forry basically laughs at everything weavile can throw at it, but if you get too greedy with entry hazards then a +6 atk brick break says bye bye to forry.

Sets Used To Counter Its Counters: Weavile, like many pokes, has to rely on its team mates to win against its counters, magnezone really works good with weavile, since magnezone can beat all its counters, which are steel types, and being steel types, magnezone can basically own them.

Weavile Is Most Used On: Offensive teams, obviously, since its one of the scary hard hitters in the game, so offensive teams are obviously where it resides.

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