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Database: Weezing
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Using Weezing in battle

Most Used Weezing Set: A set running, wow, pain split, thunder bolt and flame thrower / sludge bomb, this set has a potential at countering a lot of top tier physical threats.

Usual Counters: Anything with a psychic move, although, whats sad is, that weezing only has one weakness and it is to one of the most unused types in the game, so use that to your advantage, too bad, though, its special defense is nothing special, so you should focus on hitting is as hard as you can with your special attackers until you let it get weakened enough for your teams physical pokes to sweep.

Sets Used To Counter Its Counters: It really just has to outpredict the special attackers switch in and basically switch in something that can handle said special attackers.

Weezing Is Most Used On: Any ou team in need of a physical wall, usually its used on some stall teams.

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