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Pokémon Natures

Different natures can affect your pokemons stats. Some natures keep everything neutral, when others up atk and lower defence for example. If you want a certain strength in your pokemon, make sure you capture one with the correct nature!

Natures also affect how your pokemon do in contests! To find the right nature, capture alot of the same pokemon, and check their nature once caught.

Here is a table with some nature information:

Nature Type Raises Lowered stat Favourite Pokeblock Pokeblock not liked:
Hardy None None None None
Lonely Attack Defense Spicy (Cool) Sour (Tough)
Brave Attack Speed Spicy (Cool) Sweet (Cute)
Adamant Attack Special Attack Spicy (Cool) Dry (Beauty)
Naughty Attack Special Defense Spicy (Cool) Bitter (Smart)
Bold Defense Attack Sour (Tough) Spicy (Cool)
Docile None None None None
Relaxed Defense Speed Sour (Tough) Sweet (Cute)
Impish Defense Special Attack Sour (Tough) Dry (Beauty)
Lax Defense Special Defense Sour (Tough) Bitter (Smart)
Timid Speed Attack Sweet (Cute) Spicy (Cool)
Hasty Speed Defense Sweet (Cute) Sour (Tough)
Serious None None None None
Jolly Speed Special Attack Sweet (Cute) Dry (Beauty)
Naive Speed Special Defense Sweet (Cute) Bitter (Smart)
Modest Special Attack Attack Dry (Beauty) Spicy (Cool)
Mild Special Attack Defense Dry (Beauty) Sour (Tough)
Quiet Special Attack Speed Dry (Beauty) Sweet (Cute)
Bashful None None None None
Rash Special Attack Special Defense Dry (Beauty) Bitter (Smart)
Calm Special Defense Attack Bitter (Smart) Spicy (Cool)
Gentle Special Defense Defense Bitter (Smart) Sour (Tough)
Sassy Special Defense Speed Bitter (Smart) Sweet (Cute)
Careful Special Defense Special Attack Bitter (Smart) Dry (Beauty)
Quirky None None None None

Once you have found the correct nature for you, you can test to see its stat gain and decrease by using our stat calculator

Lastly, for those interested in contests, natures also affect what kind of food the Pokemon they like and dislike. Each stat is matched with a flavor, which in turn is matched with a contest type:

Stat Flavor Contest
Attack Spicy Cool
Defence Sour Tough
Sp. Attack Dry Beauty
Sp. Def Bitter Smart
Speed Sweet Cute

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