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Pokémon BW013:
Minccino - Neat and Tidy!
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As Ash and friends continue their journey toward Nacrene City and his next Gym battle, they meet up with Bianca, who was sent by Professor Juniper with a gift for Ash: a case for his Gym Badges. But when Bianca hands over the dusty case, it’s quickly grabbed by a Minccino, who loves to keep things clean and shiny!

Bianca goes after Minccino to get Ash’s case back, and brings out her Pignite to help. But Minccino proves to be a tough opponent, which makes Bianca want to catch it! After Minccino takes out Bianca’s Pignite and then Ash’s Oshawott, it runs off with the Badge case.

Bianca lures the Pokémon out of hiding by rubbing one of Cilan’s shiny spoons in the dirt. When Minccino shows up to “rescue” the spoon, Bianca is determined to catch it, and pulls a dusty Poké Ball from her bag. Minccino sees the dirty Poké Ball and can’t resist giving it a shine—and much to everyone’s surprise, the Poké Ball activates and captures Minccino!

After Ash reclaims his Badge case, Bianca challenges him to a battle, which Ash and Pikachu win handily. And so, vowing to improve by the time they meet next, Bianca says goodbye to our heroes, and wishes Ash good luck for his upcoming Nacrene City Gym Battle!

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