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  1. Post Your Pokemon Black/White Friend Code!!
  2. Post your HeartGold or SoulSilver Friend Code(s)!
  3. Post Your Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Friend Code!!
  4. The Trade Request Thread
  5. The Pokemon Breeding Center
  6. Come get em while they're here!
  7. GD's Trading Thread :D
  8. The Item Trade Center
  9. YO everyone!
  10. Hello me again..
  11. Ciel's EV training :)
  12. need a untouched timid latios for my shiny modest untouched darkrai =D
  13. Power Items!
  14. drought vulpix for my reshiram/zekrom/victini?
  15. Spiritomb
  16. Flame's Breeding Centre!
  17. Dream World Excadrill, Garbador
  18. EV Trainer Shop!
  19. Hydreigon/Seviper
  20. Drought Vulpix
  21. To All Gym Leaders and Administrators.
  22. lvl 1 giveaway...
  23. shiny heatran
  24. spiritomb needed
  25. sky shaymins shiny poke. thread
  26. DW Espeon
  27. event victini
  28. Jet's needed Pokemon
  29. Event Lv.100 Victini!!!
  30. Need pokes from Gen1-4.... I Got EM!!!
  31. Alaina's Adorable Shop!(:
  32. Want a Latios?
  33. Trade for Sneasel/Weavile with ice punch?
  34. any1 got a event victini
  35. Level78 Victini for any Arceus
  36. does anyone have a seedot,nuzleaf or shiftry at any level.
  37. does anyone have a macargo with heat wave or a chandelure with heat wave
  38. Need Vaporeon/hydration(m)
  39. i need a Lugia
  40. Blackacer/Zeno AWESOME Collection Shop!
  41. Need a Skarmory with stealth rocks and whirlwind
  42. Lugia NEEDDDD
  43. MetaFlygon's Shiny trading
  44. Need DW Eevee!
  45. Need jumpluff/skiploom/hopip
  46. Does anyone have dw female gligar
  47. Poke Store !!
  48. Want dw dratini please
  49. hoppip, skiploom, jumpluff?
  50. Free Pokemon Store!
  51. Fizz's shiny&event shop!!
  52. I need a victini
  53. Thundurus please
  54. How to detect hacked Pokemon!
  55. Pokémon Hack-Check Thread
  56. Seeking a Staryu!
  57. L/F relaxed marshtomp with sr
  58. Flame's Battle Subway Items Giveaway Shop!
  59. Giving away ANY lvl 1 pkmon shine-no shine
  60. Trade
  61. looking for ev trained
  62. Anyone willing to trade Victini?
  63. Eevees with Curse/Wish/Yawn Available!
  64. Volcarona's GTS! Download 200+ Psychic Pokemon, all legit! Also, file downloads!
  65. DW Events! Download the .pkm files for FRE!!!
  66. Looking for female Squirtle with Rain Dish ability
  67. Lv 100 Trade
  68. Gengar
  69. Mew's Breeding Shop
  70. Looking for a Victini
  71. Looking for an unhatched Murkrow egg
  72. looking for mew and two others
  73. Need someone to trade my Haunter to, for it to Evolve!!
  74. Looking For Shaymin
  75. shiny caterpie for trade
  76. 4th Gen Pokesav pokemon needed
  77. Looking for a Victini.
  78. Looking for TRU Arceus
  79. I am looking for a Lv.50 Pikachu with volt tackle. Will give an Lv.30.Arceus
  80. please help D:
  81. Needed Pokemon
  82. anybody want a legendary pokemon
  83. Looking for a Keldo named'Rainbowdash',offering a shiny axew
  84. looking for a mew
  85. legendary pokemon searcher
  86. Looking Aron! ( Maybe Victini too and legendaries*)
  87. Hey i'm new and would like to add people from diamond pearl platinum
  88. Looking for a legit shiny celebi in any gen.
  89. Offering a cloning service for generation 4 games.
  90. Looking for Legendary Pokemon
  91. entei14 trading station! Legit and UT Shiny's wanted!
  92. Red Breeding Shop
  93. Anybody Have a Victini?
  94. Anyone willing to do me a few favors?
  95. Specific Pikachu
  96. In need of a Ralts
  97. legendary pokemon egg giveaway
  98. looking for event legends
  99. Trade to help me out plz
  100. Need a pokemon? I have all 649 pokemon legit(caught in-game/event)
  101. X/Y Starters for legendaries ^^
  102. Need your help. REWARD> shiny scizor 252 atk/speed
  103. A little help needed (4th Gen)