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  1. Baton Passing Ownage.
  2. Ivan vs Taki the 5th Encounter argh my arm hurts.
  3. CM Celebi is a Sensation [Warstory]
  4. Quality of Warstories.
  6. The Power of Friendship?
  7. ike123 v i am cool
  8. War Story Rules
  9. Jsaok3 vs. Imperfectluck
  10. The brokenness of Platinum
  11. Epic Random Battle: Woj vs Blackout
  12. Epic battle vs Farmer OU's vs Ubers
  13. Kuja20 Vs Train Man (Ubers)
  14. A Big accident [ ou v.s Ubers] [EPIC]
  15. A Critical Hit!
  17. So it all comes down to this... Burst Limit vs. Syberia
  18. Battle of The Year The Most Epic Match Ever Tony32vsXtrashin
  19. NFE vs. OU - My Battle with Oosman
  20. Tyler vs. Josh (Brothers, Me vs. My Brother)
  21. My first Warstory <I hope you like it>
  22. My first warstory! Epic Blisseys
  24. The Biggest Lulz Team Part 1 Vs Latiosmaster
  25. gg trainer omglolhax nightmare?
  26. An Epic loss by Latiosmaster to my team
  27. Rematch of the Century! Tyler vs. Josh once again!
  28. EPIC ******* match with Papagamer.
  29. Me vs. ZoD. The Epic battle of two friends.
  30. [EPIC]Warstory:Emolorg VS FireAss: Im A Lucky *****
  31. Dunsparce.
  32. -RR-EeveeBreeder vs. Mauricioorochimaru
  33. Modest Rhyperior Sweep inside!
  34. World Wars
  35. Linoone sweep?
  36. Kuja Vs Zak READ THIS!!!!
  37. Firas's attempt at pumping his way out!
  38. UU vs Blaze....One of the most intense games of that Tour
  39. Holy crap! a close comeback from me!
  40. Why does no one use Feraligatr?
  41. Do Not Read if you Do Not want to see a mockery of RMTs
  42. I like funny
  43. think you can win?
  44. Lmao Warstory
  45. Baton Chain Team
  46. Awesome comeboack!
  47. I lol'd through out this hole battle
  48. My first 6-0 sweep (technically)
  49. My First WarStory Attempt - My Awesome Rebound
  50. BlueBlur vs Zero or Die
  51. Blue Blur vs HECTOR
  52. Have YOU ever swept 5 with your lead?
  53. Shucklol
  54. UU's vs Ubers
  55. Rampaging Dialgas [Ubers Warstory]
  56. Looooooooooooooooool - da
  57. Victory, I think not!
  58. Uber LOG
  59. *farts* NO THE **** YOU DIDN'T
  60. 1 vs 6...
  61. So this is why Ash never evolved his damn Squirtle!
  62. Sheep vs Milos - An OU Warstory
  63. I 6-0d IPL...O_O;
  64. Main event round 1: Ghostian vs crossfire (epic!)
  65. My first good warstory
  66. Numbing the Pain: GANGSTA Warstory
  67. one freaking funny battle
  68. Mig vs Rukario. Uber Warstory
  69. GG N00b
  70. Kecleon is Freakin' WIN
  71. My first RMT-OU Steel dragons
  72. Battle of the UBERS!!!!
  73. this just proves how awesome i am at randoms
  74. The worst hax of my life?
  75. Every Wifiers Dream
  76. The Most Hax I Ever Got
  77. The factors of hax ._. (UU War Story)
  78. Extremely Weird Stall
  79. Best Lead Award (OU Warstory)
  80. OU Warstory! Stall vs Offense!
  81. Battling Jesus
  82. 2% win
  83. semis
  84. Epic magnezone sweep!!
  85. Battling through hax, a 5th gen Wifi Warstory
  86. Magnezone Taking Down The Evee Squad. (Ou Warstory)
  87. An Epic Warstory of Silent Shadow