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  1. Super Mario Bros Wii U or New Super Mario Bros 2?
  2. Favorite Zelda games
  3. That horrid moon in Majora's Mask..
  4. Anyone excited for the third party games of the Wii-U?
  5. Favorite Mario Item
  6. Poll: Most Wanted Game Series to Appear in SSB4 Roster
  7. Thoughts on WiiU
  8. Star Fox
  9. 3DS Friend Codes
  10. Skyward Sword
  11. Ganondorf VS. Hades
  12. Favorite 3DS Game
  13. Favorite Zelda Song
  14. Super Mario Bros 1
  15. Favorite Mario Game
  16. what is the DS that you use?
  17. Favorite mario kart 7 item
  18. Favorite Mario Enemies
  19. Fav mario kart
  20. MK7 Online Races
  21. What is your favorite Nintendo game?
  22. Pikmin
  23. Anything about Legend of Zelda!!!
  24. What do you think Nintendo shoud do with zelda on the 3ds?
  25. pkmn teams 5th/4th gen
  26. What Games Should I Get?
  27. Favorite Metroid Game
  28. How much VR do you have on Mario Kart 7?
  29. Mario Kart 7 or Mario Kart Wii?
  30. 3ds
  31. Are you excited for the Wii U?
  32. Favorite Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow boss
  33. What Do You Dislike the Most About Zelda
  34. mario or sonic
  35. What's Your Favorite Out of These?
  36. Friend Codes for the Nintendo 3DS
  37. Poll: Which Zelda Game Out of These Do You Like Best
  38. What's your favorite SSBB character?
  39. DS or 3DS?
  40. Anything About Mario!
  41. What is your favorite 3D Mario Platformer
  42. Nintendo 3DS XL
  43. Tloz
  44. Favorite Level in super mario galaxy 2
  45. Whats your favorite Mario Kart track ever?
  46. Mario Kart 7 Help
  47. New super mario bros 2.
  48. Mario Kart 7 Tournement
  49. your opinion in super mario galaxy
  50. your 3ds libary
  51. What is your opinon on Kid Iracus Uprising?
  52. What is your favorite stage in Mario 3D Land
  53. Favorite Orcarina of time Temple?
  54. What is your Mario Kart 7 community code?
  55. Giant Fishies
  56. Favorite Mario Power Up
  57. favorite nintendo game
  58. Most difficult game you've ever played?
  59. What would be the last word for ssb4?
  60. New castlevania!!!
  61. Choose Your Character
  62. Favorite Nintendo Console
  63. Mario Party
  64. Mario kart 7
  65. Mario or Zelda
  66. Nintendo franchise you'd like to see on 3DS/Wii U
  67. Favorite SSBB stage?
  68. Skyward Sword Speak!
  69. should I get rythem thief for the 3ds??
  70. Legend of Zelda original 3rd dungeon map format
  71. What games for the 3DS do you want?
  72. Link vs mario
  73. favourite mario game.
  74. Mario Kart Characters
  75. Ganondorf vs bowser
  76. Koopa troopa vs goomba?
  77. Favorite form in Majora's Mask?
  78. Tails vs luigi
  79. Which Game Do You Recommend?
  80. Nintendo 3DS Forums
  81. My New Super Mario Bros. Wii Walkthrough!
  82. i want a battle on supersmash bros brawl
  83. Timeline!?
  84. Ocarina of Time or Majoras Mask?
  85. Favorite Mario Kart track
  86. Anyone excited for New Super Mario Bros. 2?
  87. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
  88. Pikmin 3 coming
  89. Favorite game from NES,SNES,N64,or Game Cube?
  90. What weapon do use in Kid Icarus?
  91. Mario kart DS or Mario kart 3DS
  92. mariokart wii friend codes.
  93. Would a Mario Paint sequel be good on the Wii U?
  94. favourite pokemon game
  95. The enemy that haunts you at night that gives you nighmares
  96. 3ds XL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  97. Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine?
  98. what is your favorit wii game
  99. What new nintendo games do you want there to be in the future?
  100. What Is Your Favourite Nintendo Game?
  101. 3Ds or 3Ds XL?
  102. New Super Mario Bros U
  103. Your thoughts on NSMB2?
  104. Kid Icarus Uprising
  105. Which is better: Young Link or Toon Link?
  106. Do you think 3DS XL is bad for eyes?
  107. What is your favourite nintendo ds
  108. Favorite Mario Game?
  109. The Club Nintendo Thread!
  110. Nintendo logic
  111. What do you think of Pokemon soul silver?
  112. Favorite Mario Kart Game
  113. Mario or Luigi?
  114. they shuod make a entaerly luigi platformer
  115. Pokemon Mini
  116. Cutest pairs in the nintendo games/and forum
  117. Top 5 Nintendo dog characters!
  118. Favorite Pokemon or Mario game
  119. Ozzy
  120. Peach vs Zelda
  121. Favorite Kirby Transformations!
  122. favorite top three K.K. Slider song from any Animal Crossing Game
  123. Favorite place in town in any Animal Crossing Game
  124. Best Mario Kart 7 track....
  125. Super mario galaxy or super mario galaxy 2
  126. Favorite mario form
  127. Super Mario games seem easier?
  128. Kid Icarus Uprising- Boss Battle
  129. What Would Be Your #1 Favorite Song From Wind Waker???
  130. How Do You decroate your home in Animal Crossing Games?
  131. Who Would Be Your #1 Castlevania Judgement Role Model Be?
  132. Least Favorite Nintendo Console?
  133. Which Do You Like The Legnendary Starfy or Kirby Super Star Ultra
  134. What game(s) do you want to try?
  135. Racing Times!
  136. Brawl Challenge
  137. The new AC game: Animal Crossing:New Leaf!
  138. The Wii U
  139. What Is Your Favorite Stage From Sonic Colors And Why?
  140. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinals of the Starry Skies Discussion Thread!
  141. Swapenote Stationaries Giveaway
  142. Favorite Line In Kid Icarus: Uprising
  143. Favorite Color Yoshi
  144. Legend of Zelda ocarina of time favorite song
  145. Favorite Yarn Kirby Form
  146. Favorite Epic Yarn Land
  147. Favorite Epic Yarn Level
  148. What Would Be Your Favorite Place To Race In NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams?
  149. N64DD/N64DiscDrive
  150. What gender do you think Birdo is?
  151. Nintendoland
  152. Luigis mansion
  153. What colour is your ds???
  154. Legend of Zelda Timeline
  155. Should nintendo make a game where you star as the bad guy?
  156. Pokemon X & Y breakdown
  157. Giant Wii U News!
  158. Wind Waker HD
  159. zelda ocarina of time
  160. kid icarus: uprising fave chap
  161. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess storyline pt 1
  162. Mario and luigi rpg 4!
  163. 3DS friend codes
  164. How awesome is Ganondorf?
  165. Favorite Temples from Ocarina of Time
  166. Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
  167. What Mario games did you have when you where a kid?
  168. List Your DS and 3DS Games Here.
  169. BEN (Majora's Mask Creepypasta)
  170. Lego Legend of Zelda!
  171. Legend Of Zelda Speedruns
  172. Favorite Mario Kart Track
  173. Worst Mario Kart Track
  174. Golden Sun
  175. New Super Mario Bros Wii or Super Mario 3D Land or New Super Mario Bros U or Other
  176. Do You Think The 3ds Capture Card Is Epic
  177. Nintendo Network ID thread!
  178. Hardest Game Boy Color Game?
  179. New nintendo direct Wednesday.
  180. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  181. Petit Computer
  182. Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland One-Ability-Per-Section Run
  183. Do you plan on getting Ocarina of Time 3DS?
  184. Mario Kart DS help?
  185. Wii U and 3DS direct
  186. Nintendo Content ID Claim (Walkthroughs/Let's Play's Affected)
  187. Nintendo eShop Thread
  188. Animal Crossing: New Leaf [PERMISSION GRANTED BY SKITTY]
  189. Swapnote Stationary Exchange Program
  190. Should nintendo buy megaman?
  191. Zelda: Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons on 3DS eShop
  192. Nintendo need's to step there game up.
  193. Could you guys help?
  194. Witch 3DS XL should I get?
  195. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  196. What is your true opinion on Ocarina songs? :link:
  197. Mario Kart 8
  198. Did you have any bad times while doing Master's Quest?
  199. Super Mario RPG
  200. Favorite Zelda Game?
  201. 3DS Emulator?
  202. Have you ever lost your ds?
  203. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Secret Seashell help
  204. If you were to live in a mario 64 course, which would you pick?
  205. Nintendo news
  206. List Your GameBoy Games
  207. May I have some opinions on something I've made?
  208. Wii U Price Drop in Canada
  209. List Your Wii Games
  210. List Your Wii U Games
  211. Kirby Superstar Ultra
  212. favorite Wii u eshop titles
  213. Nintendo 3DS games
  214. Mario and Luigi Dream Team opinions?
  215. Nintendo 2DS
  216. Rare Nintendo Games
  217. Fossil fighters 3
  218. Favourite Nintendo Songs?
  219. 3DS Capture Card
  220. Nintendo has shut down spotpass for Swapnote/Letter Box.
  221. Replace the Toads?
  222. Im desperate
  223. Youtube is at it again.
  224. 3ds 2014
  225. NDS games coming to WiiU Virtual Console
  226. Sonic boom game
  227. Nintendo Direct February 13th 2014
  228. SSB - Little Mac!!!
  229. Nintendo fans read this
  230. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
  231. Favorite Metroid game?
  232. Favorite Ace Attorney Game?
  233. Nintendo shutting down Wi-Fi for DS/Wii
  234. Retro working on new title
  235. nintendo
  236. What N64 game would you like to see on the 3DS?
  237. data into the new SD card
  238. Favourite Brawl Tracks?
  239. Anyone ever had to fix 3DS shoulder buttons?
  240. Tomodachi Life
  241. Nintendo's 2014 E3 plans Revealed.
  242. Nintendo's future.
  243. Mario Kart 8 with TheJustinFlynn and TheJWittz
  244. Mario Kart 8 DLC
  245. The "Ridley For SSB4" Thread
  246. Favorite 3DS Game(so far)
  247. Kirby Fighters
  248. Majora's Mask 3D Confirmed?!
  249. Mario Kart 8 DLC
  250. New 3DS Model Announced