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  1. Gym League
  2. Gym League - Rules and Stuff
  3. Stumble On My Earthquake
  4. You better have a burn heal! (Fire Gym)
  5. The Mind Palace [ Psychic Gym ]
  6. The Darkness In The Light...
  7. The Power of the Crushing Steel (Steel Gym)
  8. Bring your Silph Scope! (Ghost Gym).
  9. The Web
  10. Shivering yet? [Ice Gym]
  11. DragonSpam.start()
  12. I'll Shock You Into Surrender! [Electric Gym]
  13. The Wrestling Ring (Rainbow's Fighting Type Gym)
  14. It's Time to Take Flight and Fight! [Flying Type Gym]
  15. Gym League Feedback, Complaints, Suggestions
  16. The Water Temple Arena [Water Gym]
  17. Colonel Aaron Charm's Battalion of Faries!
  18. Prepare to be Whipped Into Submission! (Grass Type Gym Leader)
  19. Normal gym lead by a not so normal person...
  20. Lets talk about this