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  15. Whats your play style in Smash?
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  18. Wii U or 3DS?
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  20. Things You Wanted in Smash 4 That Didn't Happen
  21. Evidence of DLC Found In the Game Code
  22. Villager Can Pocket Link's Final Smash
  23. Create an image of characters you will main.
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  26. Namco Sticking Around After Release to Improve Balance
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  28. Duck Hunt is Named Duck Hunt Duo in the English version
  29. Midnight release.
  30. Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Unlock Guide [SPOILERS]
  31. I Just Realized the Amount of Female Characters in This Game Compared to Brawl
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  38. Rosalina is God Tier
  39. Secret taunts?
  40. Who Will Win This Week's Conquest?
  41. Did you get a Gamecube Adapter?
  42. Amiibo play
  43. Nintendo discontinues the gamecube adapter.
  44. I don't even
  45. Happy SuperSceptile?
  46. What do you guys call Smash for Wii U and 3DS?
  47. Smash 4 Tier List
  48. Custom Moves in Competitive Play
  49. New Japanese Tier List Released
  50. Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot
  51. Smash is saved
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  53. Sakurai Bias
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  57. "Okay"
  58. But Lucas
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