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  1. Top Ten Pokemon of All Time?
  2. Thoughts of 5th gen?
  3. Favourite Pokémon game?
  4. 5th Gen, which system do you want it on?
  5. Rate my Pokemon Black team
  6. Fire Red: Sabrina Question
  7. Keldeo Resolution Forme revealed in CoroCoro
  8. Pokémon Rumble Blast
  9. First ever used Pokemon
  10. Whats Your favorite pokemon game?
  11. Favorite Starter Pokemon
  12. Any plans for teams in B2/W2?
  13. Pokémon Creepypasta
  14. Shiny Pokemon And You
  15. First Pokemon Game Ever Played?
  16. General Pokémon questions
  17. Pokémon Black and White 2 come out June 23,2012!
  18. rate my imagination land team or my team picked out 4 shkarm rather
  19. Destiny Tower
  20. Pokemon Conquest!
  21. Favorite Pokemon type?
  22. Which pokemon would you have as a pet?
  23. Have you played Heart gold/Soul Silver
  24. Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 SPOILERS Thread
  25. Pokemon B/W DAY-CARE
  26. Have you played Pokemon Red/Blue
  27. Pokemon Image Thread (Fanart/Official/Game/Anime/Special)
  28. Wat's your 3 favorite character in Pokemon Conquest/Nobunaga's Ambitions
  29. rate emerald team
  30. So who plays pokemon trozi? (However you spell it)
  31. Left, right, East, Or West? Which Poke on Movie was the best?
  32. My pokemon white team
  33. What is your FAVORITE Pokemon in 5th Generation
  34. Which region do you think is better?
  35. What's Your Least Favorite Pokemon?
  36. Any Pokemon In 5th Gen
  37. Growlithe Vs. Vulpix
  38. how long does it take for u to beat a pkmn game
  39. A really great pokèmon queston!
  40. What was your first shiny starter?
  41. What were the lvls(if you can remember them)of your pokemon the first time you faced the elite four?
  42. Pokemon Channel
  43. Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness
  44. pkmn where 2find items u need
  45. What's you're favorite Pokemon game
  46. Worst Pokemon Spinoff
  47. What Was The Coolest/Hardest Pokemon Champion?
  48. That one pokemon you never use.
  49. The most annoying gym leader of all?
  50. Which 5th Gen Pokemon do you think was the worst design ever? ...And why?
  51. My Teams in the Pokemon Games
  52. Favorite Johto Pokémon
  53. Cinccino or Furret?
  54. Your favorite Pokemon Genration! (Best to Worst)
  55. Mach Bike or Acro Bike
  56. weird things about pokemon
  57. The greatest pokemon cry?
  58. Things that should be different in Pokemon B/W2
  59. Favorite Pokemon Music
  60. Favourite spin-off series
  61. What's your favorite Pokemon and why?
  62. The awesomest looking pokemon move?
  63. Who wants a 5th gen Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?
  64. Pokemon 3rd generation favorites
  65. favorite fire,water and grass types pokemon
  66. Favourite Pokémon of Each Type!
  67. favorite pokemon bad huy team
  68. Battle of the Legendary Trios
  69. Battle of the Starters
  70. Cobalio, Virizion, Terrakion, or Keldo
  71. First Shiny Caught (Other than the Lake of Rage Red Gyarados)
  72. Mew vs Mewtwo
  73. Lugia vs Ho Oh vs Celebi
  74. Ash vs Red
  75. Trios and their Masters
  76. The Irresistible Force meets The Immovable Object
  77. Pokemon Trivia Did you know?
  78. You wake up.... Pokemon Scenario
  79. Reshiram vs Zekrom
  80. Your "NOOOOO!" moments in Pokemon games
  81. Thoughts on Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs
  82. Genesect
  83. What Kind of Pokemon Are You?
  84. What's your favourite Pokemon?
  85. LTS creepypasta
  86. Which pokemon do you think should've gotten an Evolution? (or pre-Evolution)
  87. Favorite Pokemon Game EVER!
  88. Muk Vs. Garbodor: Which side are you on?
  89. How Good Is Your Metronome?
  90. what is your favorite pokemon theme song
  91. What is your favorite 1 gen. Pokemon
  92. Do you pick a boy or a girl in Pokemon.
  93. Your Own Pokemon?
  94. What is your favourite Eeveelution?
  95. Pointless abilities
  96. Pokemon Tower Defense
  97. Team magma Vs Aqua: Which side are you on?
  98. Rate My Re-Invented Platinum Team
  99. Do you make it a goal to complete the national pokedex?
  100. Who here wishes that..
  101. Best pokemon champion
  102. Best/favourite villian team
  103. rate my platinum team
  104. Should there be a 4th Pokemon Ranger Game?
  105. Pokemon Movie 1-14 Streaming
  106. Your team if Pokemon was real
  107. Who Is Working On Creating Pokemon Games In The Future?
  108. Favorite Bad Guy Group?
  109. LEAST favorite Pokemon of each type?
  110. The best pokemon battle in the anemia
  111. Vote for my Starter
  112. Pokemon Tourney
  113. question
  114. Pokemon White
  115. version
  116. platinum team
  117. pokemon
  118. Rate my Black team
  119. Favorite Pokemon Anime Moments
  120. If you could eat any Pokemon, Which Pokemon would you eat?
  121. Online Double battle tech
  122. RSE Remakes
  123. Heartgold Team Suggestions?
  124. Team Rocket Vs. Team Galactic: Which side are you on?
  125. Team Help
  126. Discussion of lavender town ghost story in Pokemon red and blue.
  127. One-Hit KO moves
  128. Coose one: Starter birds.
  129. The ugliest and the most beautiful Pokemon(top 3)
  130. Best Pokemon Heart Gold Team?
  131. Mew or Arceus?
  132. Kanto of Shinho what's better
  133. pls compare my white team
  134. Pokemon
  135. Could a lv 100 migikarp KO a Mewtwo (w/ hyper beam)
  136. Why are MAGIKARP in like every pokemon game
  137. WHY are MIGIKARP in like EVERYpokemon game
  138. What is your favorite Elite Four Group?
  139. My Pokèmon Team: May add 5th Gen in the Future, Plz Rate!
  140. Gym leaders
  141. Water,Fire or Grass typs
  142. Dreams Meet Reality ~ Welcome to the Pokémon World
  143. Lv100 migikarp vs lv1 dailga
  144. Every type challenge run
  145. Pokemon Egg and order shop.
  146. Uncreative Pokemon(All gens)
  147. Who Is Your Most Favorite/ Least Favorite Gym Leader?
  148. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Wonder Mail codes!
  149. favorit poemon game
  150. Rate my Fire Red team
  151. is anyone excited for B/W 2?
  152. Pokemon Emerald Team
  153. Pokemon Game Idea?
  154. rate my pokemon team
  155. Best pokeball luck?
  156. Wow.
  157. So, um, may somebody rate my team?
  158. Help with Pokemon Heart Gold Team
  159. Haxorous, Hydreigon, or druddigon?
  160. Help with Pokemon White team
  161. Pokemon Challenge!
  162. My Heart Gold (Picky My Team) Challenge Journal!
  163. Pokemon Challenge: Pick My Team - Pokemon LeafGreen
  164. My mystery egg challenge
  165. Rate My Pokemon Fire Red Team
  166. Pokemon Challenge! - Pick My Team: Pokemon SoulSilver
  167. My singal type challenge
  168. Pick my Team Challenge - Pokémon HeartGold
  169. Pick My Team Pokemon Challenge! Pokemon HeartGold!
  170. Pick My Team Challenge: Pokemon White
  171. Pokemon challenge: Pick MY team (of champions).
  172. Pick My Team Challenge!- Pokemon Leaf Green
  173. Mystery Egg Challenge: Pokemon Black
  174. Your favorite Pokemon intro theme song?
  175. Whats with all the hate?
  176. remake gen3
  177. What do you name your rival?
  178. Pkmn b/w2
  179. Pick My Dragon Type Team! - HeartGold
  180. RNG run
  181. Pokemon X6 challenge.
  182. zangoose
  183. Hardest legendary to capture
  184. My Platinum Piplup run
  185. Pokemon that surprised you with its power?
  186. Zekrom or Reshram
  187. Good Fire Pokemon
  188. Rayquasa,Kyogre or groudon?
  189. Type Combinations
  190. Dual type moves?
  191. What is your Favorite Eeveelution and Your least Favorite
  192. Pick My team for Pokemon Pearl
  193. Pokemon Challenge: Pick My Team - Pokemon LeafGreen
  194. Pokemon Challenge: RNG - Pokemon White 2
  195. pick my team for platinum
  196. Pick my Team for Pokemon Emerald
  197. Pick my team (heartgold)
  198. Pokèmon Black and White, choose my team!
  199. Pick My Team: Emerald
  200. Rate my black team
  201. Pick my team for platinum
  202. PMT Fire Red
  203. PokeRAGE!!!
  204. Keldeo and the Wi-Fi Event!
  205. What's your favorite/lest favorite Type of pokemon?
  206. Can't wait till pokemon black and white 2 !
  207. Pokemon Lifespans?
  208. What kind of battle tricks do you use in a pokemon battle?
  209. TMs that were NOT usable in Black and White
  210. Pokemon Battle Revolution Annoying things... TeRrIbAd GaMe
  211. Whats youre favirote legendary pokemon
  212. Pokemon TCG: Dragon types are not Water types anymore
  213. My B2/W2 Competitive team- Rate it!
  214. How Raikou, Suicune, and Entei came to be
  215. New Pokemon Type
  216. Team on any game.
  217. Pick my team for heartgold
  218. Pick my team Pokemon Emerald
  219. Who is your fravioute pokemon charcter?
  220. Pokemon Liquid Crystal
  221. How's my HeartGold team?
  222. Eelektross vs Galvantula
  223. Black and White Tiering: Day 1 - Normal.
  224. Pick my team for pokemon HG
  225. Black and White Type Tiering: Day 2 - Ghost.
  226. Pokemon ruby Fans
  227. What was the first rare pokemon card u had
  228. Black and White Type Tiering: Day 3 - Psychic.
  229. Black and White Type Tiering: Day 4 - Electric.
  230. Do you keep your team Well-Rounded or Spread Out?
  231. Black and White Type Tiering: Day 5.1 - Ice.
  232. Black and White Type Tiering: Day 5.2 - Poison.
  233. Black and White Type Tiering: Day 5.3 - Dragon.
  234. Black and White Type Tiering: Day 6 - Fire.
  235. Black and White Type Tiering: Day 7 - Fighting.
  236. Absol Quadsuit
  237. pick my team for emerald run
  238. Pokemon Color Fact!
  239. Pokemon Theories!
  240. Black and White Type Tiering: Day 8 - Grass.
  241. Black and White Type Tiering: Day 9 - Water.
  242. 5th Gen. Favorite events?
  243. Black and White Type Tiering: Day 10 - Dark.
  244. What Do You Think of Pokemon Conquest?
  245. Have you seen/Caught missingno.?
  246. The Mew glitch in RBY
  247. Ho-oh or Lugia
  248. Overrated and underrated Pokemon
  249. Magikarp
  250. Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth