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  1. Pokemon FC Exchange (All Gens)
  2. Predictions about White and Black Kyurem?
  3. Anybody up for a trade?
  4. Rate my Team - Ingame
  5. Looking for 4th Gen trade partner
  6. trading section
  7. rate my pokemon white team
  8. Here's my White team, please give a rate
  9. Whats your favourite team?
  10. Rate Your Team!
  11. Rate My Black Team
  12. My Pokemon SoulSilver Team
  13. Trade?
  14. anybody want a drilbur?
  15. Can you plz rate my Pokemon Fire Red Elite Four team?
  16. Rate My Pokemon Black Team!
  17. RMT: Team Swap & Sweep
  18. Rate My Teams
  19. My Pokemon Platinum & SoulSilver Teams(Please Rate)
  20. Feedback On My Pokemon Black Team!
  21. Rate My pokemon Black 2 White 2 ingame team! (Spoilers on which pokemon are in the game)
  22. Rate My White Team(I'm omly at the Pokemon League)
  23. Rate My White Team(I'm only at the Pokemon League)
  24. rate my pokemon heartgold team
  25. Can You Rate My Team?
  26. Looking for battle!
  27. Pokemon Tornament
  28. My Soulsilver team PLZ rate
  29. RMT: First Competitive Gen V Team
  30. Anyone willing to do battle?
  31. Creative(and good) Pokemon movesets thread
  32. [UU] Constantly Risking Absurdity: RMT!
  33. Looking For A Challenge!?
  34. Pokemon White 2: Rate My Team!
  35. Game, Set, Match ! [BW NU]
  36. Battle b/w
  37. Are you good at online play?
  38. pokemon blck nd white freind codes
  39. Pokegen Service!
  40. Pokemon World
  41. my NU team
  42. Looking For A Battle!
  43. [Mixed] Attempting Original Sets
  44. Rate My Team!
  45. heart gold soul silver wifi battles
  46. UU Team
  47. Warstory: The Forecast is Unclear
  48. Can someone help me with competitive battling
  49. pick my team for white
  50. Does anyone want to play competitive Pokemon? 5th gen
  51. rate my team
  52. Pokemon Battle Revolution Challenge
  53. Battle
  54. One of my OU teams
  55. My main OU team!
  56. Trade for evolutions, anyone?
  57. Rate my Pokemon Black Team Plz
  58. Pokemon HG/SS Eggs
  59. Another one of my OU teams
  60. Rate my HG aftergame team
  61. Bringing it Back! B/W Competitive Play! RMT!
  62. Pokemon HG/SS/D/P/P Wi-Fi Battling
  63. Battle?
  64. Calling All Trainers!
  65. Rate My team?
  66. Pokemon Diamond Ralts Trade!
  67. Anyone want to battle in Black and white?
  68. Need a Stunky.
  69. Ingame Team Rater
  70. My Team - Rate it. Please.
  71. The Best Competitive Pokemon
  72. My team for Emerald and Diamond
  73. Time for your pummel
  74. My uber team
  75. Free pokemon for hg/ss
  76. Can someone help me with wi-fi connection?
  77. Most annoying competitive set you have ever faced
  78. My ou team(this team is an experiment)
  79. UU Pokemon in OU
  80. Need team help for B2.
  81. Good team for Black 2?
  82. Could Someone rate my In-Game Pokemon Ruby Walkthrough Team?
  83. It's CRUNCH TIME
  84. Battle Time!
  85. Pokemon team for Black 2 so far?
  86. Pokemon BW Trade Station
  87. Rate my CURRENT Black 2 Team
  88. Rate my OU team.That needs improvments.
  89. Rate mah new team.
  90. Pokemon that we thought were awesome, but they suck. - Part 1
  91. Illusion at it's best!(UU team)
  92. [RU] Rarely Played
  93. 3 new tournaments: Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7 and Pokemon Black / White / Black 2 / White 2
  94. Yet another battle thread
  95. TheXWalkthrough1's Pokemon Online Battle(s)!
  96. Dud's UU Team
  97. New faces in BW: Week 1 - Ghost (OU analysis)
  98. Anyone want to Battle?
  99. BW2: An Attempt at OU (RMT)
  100. [RMT] | "Bug Buzz"
  101. Rate my black 2 team
  102. Rate my OU Sandstorm Team
  103. UU Team; Getting into this....
  104. Rate My OU Team!
  105. Rmt: Uu
  106. Pokemon that need to stop being used?
  107. Favourite pokemon to use in competitive battling?
  108. Rate My Uber Team
  109. My Mono-Dragon Team
  110. Nasty Plot Deoxys Event Announced
  111. [RMT] Uber
  112. Myestry egg run for pokemon black
  114. Who would like to write something competitively about one Pokemon?
  115. Battle Hix101!
  116. Yet another battle thread
  117. Frostbite316 Looking for challenges!
  118. My first sandstorm team. (OU)
  119. What is your opinion on weather based teams?
  120. Looking for Pokemon Online/Showdown Battles!
  121. Looking to see if anyone can help...
  122. Rate My ingame team Black 2.
  123. A UU team.
  124. B2W2 Wifi Battle Challenge!
  125. Good random matchup team?
  126. Speed Boost Blaziken?
  127. Pokemon73 5th gen battles
  128. My Tricky Trick Room Team (Smogon Doubles)
  129. I need help with the PWT
  130. Offering Rep for Services
  131. People forfeiting too early
  132. Evololution Trade!
  133. The "Get a New Pokemon" Thread
  134. Deoxys-D is banned
  135. Black Kyreum in OU!
  136. Offensive Entry Hazard Team (Doubles)
  137. anyone wanna trade/battle
  138. LuXy's Charity Services
  139. Smogon February 2013 stats: Stupid things
  140. Pokemon Smogon OU Doubles - Slowly Bleeding
  141. Please rate my Competitive Battle Team
  142. I need help on my team!
  143. My new OU team
  144. Mmcneela's shiny shop. ( requests taken)
  145. Team building, take 2
  146. [JOKE TEAM]Ash Ketchum pwns all!
  147. Trade'On'Gts!!
  148. [NU] Go go testing tiers!
  149. Oshawott Ev training
  150. (White 2) Rate My Team
  151. [OU] No OU's in This OU Team!
  152. UU and I.
  153. The Pokemon FC code Thread
  154. Genesect with ExtremeSpeed, Blaze Kick and Shift Gear?
  155. Rate My Team - Ou/Uber
  156. Pokémon For Trade
  157. wait a minute... i hate ubers... but i still have an uber team??!?! lol (Peaked #51 on PS)
  158. [OU] My Baton Pass Team.
  159. This team is perfect [OU RMT]
  160. WI-Fi battles! (Pokemon BW and BW2)
  161. Landorus-I banned?
  162. Is this team fine?
  163. Trying to make an online wifi team for pokemon white.
  164. Trolling theme teams
  165. Greedy people in the GTS negotiations
  166. My Team of VARIETY. Suggestions and criticisms appreciated (No, really. I approve of them now)
  167. My UU team on PS
  168. Suggestions? My OU Showdown Team.
  169. Landorus-I has been banned
  170. Luckiest / Unluckiest battles you've had
  171. RMT - Generic Uber Rain
  172. Funny moments on PS
  173. A Sand Offense team (best score: 1950 ACRE)
  174. is this team good
  175. Rate my OU team on Pokemon Showdown please
  176. Shiny Dialga, Palkia, Giratina Event
  177. I Need Help Please
  178. Outrageous Gains or Losses on PS
  179. Mah UU Team!
  180. dragonites n00bsh ou rain team
  181. My Showdown Team
  182. Ubers are for noobs who fail at Pokemon
  183. Remade Showdown Team UU
  184. Rate my OU Team
  185. Random RU Spam Team (RMT)
  186. OU Rain Team Attempt
  187. Why did Dragonite have to go and make a moxie team.
  188. Best ps battles
  189. (OU) Dusknoir of Terror (peaked at 1977 ACRE)
  190. I Can Never Make A Good Team on Pokemon Showdown. I need help.
  191. Eelektross and Swords Dancing (peaked at 2462 ACRE)
  192. The Creation Pokemon Are Actually Good: Another Uber Team of Dragonite's
  193. Stupid things you've seen on the ladder (Roar of Time Darkrai, Earthquake Blissey, etc.)
  194. The Dragon Only Club
  195. Behold the power of Murkrow!
  196. Things that don't make sense on PS
  197. What if Stealth Rock was never invented?
  198. Keldeo avoided the ban.
  199. NU Annoyance
  200. OU: No Stealth Rock
  201. Yeah, I made another OU team. Sue me!
  202. Counter that Pokemon! (OU)
  203. Make your own movesets!
  204. Shuckle For Best Pokemon.
  205. OU Viability - Type 1: Normal
  206. UbersSuck20 should read this!
  207. OU Viability - Type 2: Ghost
  208. OU Viability - Type 3: Ice
  209. OU Viability - Type 4: Fighting
  210. @$$holes on Pokemon Online/Showdown
  211. So Dragonite is going to start doing WiFi battling again.
  212. Things that make you angry in WiFi battling?
  213. Changes to the metagame
  214. Team Help
  215. Smogon bans Mega Lucario and Genesect!
  216. Not Stupidly Overpowered
  217. Total Noob (as in knowing nothing about the game) Player Matches
  218. Gengar's Revenge (Ubers, peaked #166... for now)
  219. Mono-Water team, so obviously a Rain team.
  220. Trade? :)
  221. exchinging friend code in pokemon x and y
  222. so I herd u leik Ferrothorn.
  223. (Ubers) A mediocre team that somehow got ridiculously high on the ladder (Peaked at #77)
  224. please rate my team
  225. YoUU there! Rate this team!
  226. Rate my doubles team.
  227. team
  228. MAKE IT RAIN!!! (OU, peaked at 1600+, used this in the tourney)
  229. Baton Pass - Possible Suspect Test?
  230. Stupid facts about Smogon?
  231. Stumble On My Earthquake
  232. You better have a burn heal! (Fire Gym)
  233. The Mind Palace [ Psychic Gym ]
  234. The Darkness In The Light...
  235. The Power of the Crushing Steel (Steel Gym)
  236. Bring your Silph Scope! (Ghost Gym).
  237. The Web
  238. Shivering yet? [Ice Gym]
  239. DragonSpam.start()
  240. I'll Shock You Into Surrender! [Electric Gym]
  241. The Wrestling Ring (Rainbow's Fighting Type Gym)
  242. It's Time to Take Flight and Fight! [Flying Type Gym]
  243. Ubers's Guide to Offensive Baton Pass (Gen 6 OU)
  244. The Water Temple Arena [Water Gym]
  245. Colonel Aaron Charm's Battalion of Faries!
  246. Prepare to be Whipped Into Submission! (Grass Type Gym Leader)
  247. I WANNA BE THE VERY BEST (Ash Troll team, currently 12-8)
  248. Normal gym lead by a not so normal person...
  249. XY UU/BL Tournament - (Updated for Round 1) Matches + Standings
  250. A noob of Ubers asks you to rate his team