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  1. Which Generation Of Pokemon Games Did You Like Best?
  2. General favourites.
  3. So, I herd you liek mudkipz....
  4. Whats your favorite Internet browser?
  5. Colour Schemes
  6. Do you breed or pokesav/pokegen?
  7. Best legendary?
  8. Favorite Modern Video Game System
  9. What generation did you start playing pokemon?
  10. Aerodactyl or Archeops?
  11. Favorite god pokemon
  12. who is the true "God" pokemon
  13. Best water type starter?
  14. Best Fire type starter?
  15. Best grass type starter?
  16. Umbreon or Espeon?
  17. Glaceon or Leafeon?
  18. Blissey or Chansey
  19. Celebi or Jirachi?
  20. Deyoxs vs. Rayquaza... Which would win?
  21. The 3 Legendary Dogs... Which is better?
  22. What came first, the chicken or the egg?
  23. Which region do you like best?
  24. Hail team or Drought team
  25. Ho-oh, Rayquaza or Mewtwo?
  26. Which team of evil villains do you like best?
  27. Are you satisfied with the member of staff here?
  28. What came first the Exeggutor or the Exeggcute...
  29. Who wants a wind waker remake?
  30. Which Triforce would you have?
  31. What generation is your favorite pokemon in?
  32. Which is your favorite promotional legendary? (100 Base stat legendaries)
  33. Which type do you like best?
  34. What is your favorite Choice item...
  35. which Ds is better
  36. All metal fans
  37. Without Thought, Without Voice, or Without Soul?
  38. Yes or No?
  39. Testing Poll
  40. Double Battle League
  41. If you had all the time in the world...
  42. Would you want to get rid of Freeze?
  43. Does anyone really care about unreleased pokemon???
  44. Favorite Trio
  45. Ferrothorn or Forretress?
  46. Mac or Pc
  47. what is your favorite pokemon
  48. Nike or Adidass? (spelling?)
  49. which would you choose platnum or white
  50. Coca Cola,Pepsi,Root Beer,Sprite,or Ginger Ale?
  51. Playbook or IPad
  52. What's your reason for breeding and why?
  53. Favorite Gen
  54. pokemon sick