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  1. This doesn't make any sense!
  2. Team Rocket
  3. What Pokemon From Generations 1-3 Have We Not Seen In The Anime?
  4. Will Ash be taken off after the Unova Region? There are Rumors about it...
  5. The Movies
  6. Why have they not come yet?
  7. Your Favourite Theme Song
  8. whose your favorite ash companion
  9. Pokemon Anime for Teens?
  10. The Anime Episode Guessing Game!
  11. Why POKEMON.. WHY.. ):
  12. Does pikachu get weaker or other regions get stronger?
  13. If one of Ash's companions had a show.....
  14. Your Best Pokemon season!
  15. Do you think that there should be Pokemon couples in the anime?
  16. What happened to Ash's old pokemon?
  17. Should Misty and Brock come back?
  18. If ships were canon
  19. Dub Voicing
  20. Who should get a special?
  21. Who thinks that the new pokemon show is kinda lame because they no longer have Brock?
  22. Ash's pikachu?
  23. Who is Ash's Best Female Traveling Partner?
  24. If you were stranded on an island...
  25. What would happen in the anime for the much anticipated R/S/E remakes?