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11-14-2012, 07:43 PM
because this series deserves my 1000th post

This is a series that's caught a lot of my attention in the past few months. I had my first experience playing a Metal Gear game when me and Uzi decided to play a bunch of NES games and we played Metal Gear and got lost then was killed by dogs and then we argued about the cigarettes taking chunks of your health. That was about a year ago before I even had an interest in the series.

I actually don't remember what sparked my interest in the series a few months ago but I did some research on the series such as the characters and quotes and thought "wow I should play these one day". Then I found myself downloading a demo for MGS3 on the 3DS and it was balls because I couldn't get the camera to focus but I didn't give up because the 3DS was always balls. About 2/3 weeks ago I downloaded Metal Gear Solid when I was picking up some PS1 games on PSN and that's where the magic happened. I instantly got hooked on playing this game and completely digged the stealth mechanics and how they've still aged well from being on PS1, it's still satisfying to sneak behind someone and snap their neck or gunning down a lot of enemies with your FAMAS(bloody stairs).

The story was entertaining in every way and I didn't even care that there were a lot of cutscenes and they tended to be long. It's loaded with creativity, entertainment and soul and I honestly think it's one of the main reasons I continued to play the game, I had to know what happens next. The characters are all really cool and I didn't once get annoyed at any of them because they all served a purpose and are fun to watch(especially decoy octopus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). The music isn't too memorable but it fits with the atmosphere of the game and I really like the main menu theme. It's a fairly lengthy Playstation game that I think you all need to play if you enjoy fun. Note: Play the first Metal Gear Solid game so the story makes sense in future titles and you can just skip the first two MSX2 games since the story of them can be read on the main menu.

I'm replaying this game on extreme mode and am trying to get my hands on the HD collection so I can get MGS 2, 3 and Peace Walker.

i also think big boss has the most chill salute ever

Feel free to discuss your favourite game in the series, favourite character, favourite quote or whatever.

11-15-2012, 07:21 PM
one of the most well done series ever. Solid Snake is incredible, and some of the lines they say in that game is ridiculous. I've played 1,2 and 4. Never got a chance to play 3, still looking for a copy of it.

1 was amazing, probably one of the most respected games on the ps1, and the difficulty was perfect on the first run through. As a struggling 7 year old against psycho mantis, I am allowed to say that the strategy that you needed to perform against that boss was BS. But it was the good type of BS.

2 might be my favourite, it introduces Raiden as a rookie agent who struggles to maintain a decent relationship with a girl who goes about the day they first met! (KING KONG FTW!!!!) At first, I didn't like the idea of playing as Raiden, but his character grew on me.. alot. Now he might be one of my favourite video game characters. I don't want to spoil anything from the series, but the master plan in this to get Raiden to that stage of becoming a killing machine was so well done and it made me realize, they took the meaning of being a sequel to a whole new level. (To Mental: PM me when you beat 2)

4 was iffy, I hated playing as old snake and some of the stuff that happens in this part of the series is complete bs. The ending was incredible though. Solid snake will go down in history as a legend that can kick butt blindfolded. Also Cyborg Ninja Raiden is the best type of Raiden.

I never played 3 and I don't own a ps3/eggsbox360 so I can't play peace walker. D: I wanna get the "Complete the game without killing anybody" achievement sooooooo badly.