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08-05-2015, 12:37 AM
Anime/Manga Section Rules and Guidelines
by Majorasfan (http://dev.pokecheats.net/forum/member.php?56082-Majorasfan)

Just like the other sections, the forum-wide rules (http://dev.pokecheats.net/forum/announcement.php?f=301) apply throughout the Anime and Manga section.

Anime/Manga Discussion Rules

Keep the discussion to anime, manga, visual novels, or games based on any of these three - if it doesn't fit into these categories, the thread probably belongs somewhere else!

Try to avoid spoilers for fairly recent shows! Use the spoiler tag if you want to talk about spoilers. A good rule of thumb is if the show is a year old or less, try to use spoiler tags when talking about spoilers. It also doesn't hurt to use them when talking about older shows, just in case.

Be respectful! There are all levels of the anime fandom here. Some may have just started and may be really into shows others might not be so fond of - but that's ok! Try not to detract from other people's enjoyment. It's fine to share your own opinions, but don't be mean about it!

No talk about piracy or any other illegal content! How you watch anime is your own choice, but don't discuss it here. If you want to link a show, use a legal URL like Crunchyroll or Hulu.

Thank you very much, and enjoy posting!