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06-12-2016, 04:34 PM
So the one cour anime are now coming to an end and you know what that means: more new anime!


(Bigger version is found here: https://static.neregate.com/2016/05/neregate.com-Summer-2016-Anime-Chart-v2.jpg

Definite watches:
Shokugeki no Soma S2: Yes yes yes yes YES YES YES.
Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei: I half expected it, half didn't. Mostly because of Matsuki's death. I'm still watching it because Type-Moon.

Might watch:
Tales of Zestiria the X: I don't know? The game looked interesting enough.
Rewrite: This is a big maybe. I always wanted to read Rewrite, but I either forget that it exists or Type-Moon is a thing.

06-12-2016, 09:19 PM
100 percent watching:
Mob 100: Created by the One Punch Man author.... 'Nuff said.
Food Wars Season 2: GIVE IT TO ME.... NAOW!!!!!
Berserk: Read through the manga. Fantastic manga. Let's see how bad the anime's CGI can get.
Battery: I like baseball
Rewrite: How much of a train wreck can this be?

The rest I'll give an episode or 2 and drop/continue to watch them.

Blade Lord Nayru
06-13-2016, 01:43 AM
I'll probably give Kaleid Liner a try when, one day, I finish the rest of Kaleid Liner. It will happen one day, might just take me some years.

Giving the Tales of Zestiria one a shot probably, since I've been kind of interested in the Tales series for a while.

The rest I'm indifferent to because, in all honesty, I'm not open to trying new things.

06-13-2016, 03:29 AM
Some of the ones that I am looking forward to are:

Food Wars season 2

I was thinking about checking Mob out, but since I kind of came to a fall off with OPM I'm just going to have to wait and see.

07-12-2016, 08:55 AM
So this is the list I've settled on/ some first impressions:

91 Days: Great first episode. I like the setting, the ost is amazing, and I'm excited to see where this goes. I think it'll be what I was hoping Joker Game would be last season.

Amaama To Inazuma: This is adorable. One of the cutest things I've ever watched. It also gets surprisingly heartwarming as well.

Berserk: The adaption seems..... fine so far. At least for the arc they're covering. CGI is annoying but what're you gonna do.

Days: Sports anime need to have good characters, and I'm liking this group.

Ace Attorney: Moving on to the 2nd game. The new opening is amazing and makes BIG TOP look good, which is a massive accomplishment. Pearl is adorable.

JoJo: Onto the 2nd of 3 cours of this show. Like I said before, it's JoJo, so it's immediately amazing.

Mob Psycho 100: Beautiful animation. Comedy is on point. I wouldn't expect any less from ONE.

Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin: This is pretty generic. But I really like the MC, so I'm sticking with it for now.

Orange: The show is pretty good. I'm enjoying it. Usually I don't like romance stories but this one has nice characters, so I like it.

Re: Zero: DEAR GOD. This show has made me start having to mentally prepare myself for suffering every episode. It was great last season, but so far its second half is INCREDIBLE.

Rewrite: It's so painfully a visual novel anime. Everything about it feels like a visual novel, and it feels weird. It needs to transition into anime, it shouldn't feel like a visual novel. Also the plot makes 0 sense so far. The
one thing it has going for it is that pretty much every girl on the show is adorable.

Servamp: This show is probably the least good thing I haven't dropped this season. It's so painfully generic but the 2 MCs are pretty fun to watch so I'm continuing it.

Food Wars S2: It's amazing. Just like the 1st season. Foodgasms galore.

Taboo Tattoo: I like it. The animation is pretty.

Tales of Zestiria the X: I haven't played the game, but I like the MC so far, and Ufotable is behind it so it looks GORGEOUS.