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Thread: The place trolls go...

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    The place trolls go...

    Have you ever encountered those people who just love to mess around with their opponents? If you have the replay, this is where it goes. It can be a teeth-grindingly frustrating match, or it can be downright amusing. Either way, the trolls will be exposed.

    Lets start with the LONGEST match I have EVER been a part of. Granted, I could have avoided this if I had seen what he was doing earlier, but it was unheard of. And he was low on the ladder in terms of ranking, so I thought he was just a guy who enjoyed using low tier pokes in high tier battles. When the battle actually started, I thought he was either a noob, or he was just experimenting with a set up. It turned out to be the latter, and the resulting battle was the longest, most frustrating battle I have ever played. The only reason I won the battle was because he was banned mid-game for forcing an endless game after I brought it to the attention of an admin. (warning: the following battle is very repetitive, long and boring. you have been warned)

    This describes me so well it's saddening...

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