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Thread: New Sun and Moon Pokemon 7/19

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    New Sun and Moon Pokemon 7/19

    Several new Pokemon were revealed in an official trailer this morning:

    Wimpod - Type: Bug/Water. Ability: Wimp Out - When this Pokemon's HP drops below half, it will automatically flee or switch out.

    Bounsweet - Type: Grass. Abilities: Leaf Guard / Oblivious.

    Comfey - Type: Fairy. Abilities: Flower Veil / Triage - Gives restoration moves high priority.

    Mudsdale - Type: Ground. Abilities: Own Tempo / Steamina - Increases defense by one stage when hit by an attack.

    Mimkyu - Type: Ghost/Fairy. Ability: Disguise - Allows it to escape damage the first time it is hit (like a one-time Substitute).

    Bewear - Type: Norma/Fighting. Abilities: Own Tempo / Fluffy - Halves damage from taken from contact moves, but doubles the damage it takes from Fire moves.

    Additionally, it appears that the new Hyper Training feature allows a max level Pokemon to increase it's IVs?!
    What's everyone's thoughts on all of this new information? (For some reason NewsBot crapped out so I just remade this as a forum post).

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    Mimkyu looks kinda' dumb but that Disguise ability sounds INSANELY good. Like a free substitute, or passive inverse Focus Sash or something. Unless the rest of its base data is an utter abomination, I'm going to predict this'll be the gen 7 Talonflame.

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    Well not to point anything out but i just find this not 100% possible since the IDs in pokemon games have had 5 digits until now and why they have 6 digits when showing off the new hyper training feature is just something weird to me...

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