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Thread: August Reveals Sun and Moon

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    August Reveals Sun and Moon

    A new trailer was released today, showcasing several new Pokemon, alternate Pokemon forms, leaders, and mechanics.

    Exeggutor Aloha Form - Grass/Dragon. Ability: Frisk.

    Vulpix Aloha - Ice. Ability: Snow Cloak.

    Ninetales Aloha - Ice/Fairy. Ability: Snow Cloak.

    Sandshrew Aloha - Ice/Steel. Ability: Snow Cloak.

    Sandslash Aloha - Ice/Steel. Ability: Snow Cloak.

    Oricorio - Fire/Flying, Electric/Flying, Psychic/Flying, Ghost/Flying depending on island. Ability: Dancer: Copies dancing moves.

    Minoir - Rock/Flying. Ability: Shields Down - Has a defensive form at first, but when it drops below half health, it transforms into an attacking form.

    Gumshoos - Normal. Ability: Stakeout/Strong Jaw. Evolves from Yungoos.

    Formantis - Grass. Ability: Leaf Guard.

    Lurantis - Grass. Ability: Leaf Guard. Evolves from Formantis.

    Mudbray - Ground. Ability: Own Tempo/Stamina. Mudsdale's pre-evolution.

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    Let's use Dragonite's thread for discussion:

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