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Thread: What Smash Games Have You Played?

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    What Smash Games Have You Played?

    This is a self explanatory title. Basically say what Smash Bros games you've played out of the few we have!

    I have yet to touch the original.

    I've played a bit of Melee at my friend Kevin's when I was younger, and earlier this summer at my friend Joey's because I said "yo wanna play smash bros".

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl was my first Smash Bros game, I got that in 2008. It really created my love for Smash Bros. Such a fun time, because of the Wii. I miss the Wii.

    I got Super Smash Bros 3DS in 2014 for Christmas. I've been playing it regularly, and improving my skills as a Super Smash Bros player.

    I have not played Super Smash Bros on the Wii U. I don't have a Wii U or know anyone who has it AND the game.

    Your turn!

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    I've played a lot of SSB64 thanks to a magical device called Project64. Since it comes with built in cheats, I just used an All Characters cheat and played a metric ****-ton of it, both practice and Team Smashes. It's actually a ton of fun, albeit a bit primative.

    SSBM is actually the only official SSB game that I haven't played, which I honestly don't mind because I don't think I would be able to get down with all of the tech and stuff. Maybe one day I'll emulate it just to give it a whirl.

    SSBB is honestly my favourite game of the whole series. Despite the fact that it's easily the least popular of all of them, I honestly love it. It was my first fighting game and my first Wii game, so I have a lot of love for it. I remember spending a lot of time playing as Sheik, Wolf, Lucas and a whole bunch of other characters. It's honestly such a great game, and I remember playing through the SSE many times over.

    SSB4 is also a favourite of mine, as it's probably the game in the series that I've sunk the most time into. In fact, I've spent 706 hours on the game, all in all. I freaking love the game so much, it's so much fun. I've probably spent most of my time on Smash Run; I hate the fact that the only reason people resent it is because it isn't the SSE, without actually thinking about what it is. I've spent so much time playing as Little Mac, Robin, Kirby and just about every other character except for Olimar.

    As for unofficial ones, the only one I have played is Super Smash Flash 2. It's a surprisingly fun game to play, and a lot easier to get into than the official games, imo. As for others, I really want to try Project M (of course), and Super Smash Bros Crusade, mainly because it has a mammoth roster.

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    For me I've played all of the Smash Bros games (although 64 very briefly) and definitely my favorite was melee. All the incredible techniques used that game have always intrigued me although I wish that certain characters would be better. (Link, young link, and luigi.) Brawl honestly was a game that I enjoyed playing at a very casual level with friends where we would pick out favorite characters as opposed to abusing meta knight or edgecamping so that was a game that I enjoyed a bit. Smash 4 I could never really get into besides playing it with a few of my friends at school. I just never got a good feel for the game and felt that it was a bit too defensive with so many of the defensive techniques being difficult to punish. I do like the fact that they have over 50 characters so there are many different styles of play that can benefit.

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    Never touched the 64 Version. I played both Melee and Brawl a lot as a kid. I got the 3ds one when it came out, lasted my about 6 month, haven't really touched it since. Don't have a Wii U, played the Wii U one at a party one time.

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    All of them but the newest Smash on the WiiU. Never got the WiiU, 3DS, or Switch.

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