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Thread: HIT AND GIVE: Franchises in Smash Bros

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    HIT AND GIVE: Franchises in Smash Bros

    Rules for this game are as followed, there is a list of characters. Every time you post, you can hit one character where you subtract a point and give a character by adding a point. You are expected to repost the entire list in your post and if a character reaches 0, remove it from the list. For this edition, when three characters remain, you can only hit a character. In order to be fair to give people a chance to hit and give, you can only post twice a day. Your post should include who you hit and who you gave with an updated list of characters with the right amount of points.

    Also, you can NOT use both of your hits/gives in the same post, you can hit and give twice a day but they must be separate posts and they can't be a double post. It kind of became pointless in the staff hit/give game when a person could be killed off in two posts when they had 6 HP.

    Hit and Give Hall of Fame:
    Fire Emblem Awakening Waifus: Olivia
    Pokemon Main Series Mascots: Dialga
    Dragon Pokemon: Tyrantrum
    League of Legends Marksmen: Ashe
    Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: May
    Super Smash Bros for 3DS / Wii U: Sonic
    Ruby Member: Dabootel
    Spongebob: Squidward
    Eeveeloutions: Leafeon
    Minecraft Mobs: Enderman
    Mother Series: Boney
    Pokémon Rivals and Champions: Silver
    Fire Emblem Lords: Leif
    Star Wars: Han Solo
    Star Fox 64: Falco
    Mario Kart 7: Rosalina
    Team Fortress 2: Medic
    Pokémon Starters: Cyndaquil
    Fire Red: Lorelei
    Sonic the Hedgehog: Tails
    Fire Emblem CYL: F A I L U R E
    Fire Emblem Three Houses House: Blue Lions

    (Is that how you do it? I tried to copy from some of the past threads, haha...)

    This is always a fun game to play, which is why we will play it! We'll do it with every individual series in Smash Bros.

    Mario Bros.- 2
    Yoshi- 2
    Donkey Kong- 2
    Wario- 2
    The Legend of Zelda- 2
    Metroid- 2
    Kirby- 2
    Pikmin- 2
    Star Fox- 2
    Earthbound/Mother- 2
    Fire Emblem- 2
    Pokemon- 2
    Mii- 2
    Castlevania- 2
    Animal Crossing- 2
    Street Fighter- 2
    Metal Gear- 2
    Xenoblade Chronicles- 2
    Sonic the Hedgehog- 2
    Wii Fit- 2
    Kid Icarus- 2
    Punch Out!!!- 2
    Mega-Man- 2
    Game and Watch- 2
    ROB- 2
    Ice Climber- 2
    Duck Hunt- 2
    Final Fantasy- 2
    Persona- 2
    Dragon Quest- 2
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