The Pokémon Global Link has launched today for the English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish versions of Pokémon Black & White. This allows you to make use of the Game Sync feature in your game. The Game Sync feature allows you to link your Pokémon Black and White games to your "Pokémon Trainer Club" account. Once you have linked them, you can access the Global Battle Union and Dream World from your computer.

The official Pokemon site has announced details for the Secret Egg distribution. The Secret Egg event will be distributed to English Pokémon Black and White games from April 27th to May 31st, at Toys "R" Us stores in the USA. The Pokémon that will hatch from the Egg is randomly determined at the time of download (before it actually hatches), and will be either Pansage, Pidove, or Axew. No matter which Pokémon you receive, one of its stats is guaranteed to have a max IV value of 31. This event is similar to a recent event in Japan. The moves of the Pokémon in this USA event are currently unknown, but will likely be the same as the moves of the Pokémon in the Japanese version of this event. Here are the moves that the Pokémon in the Japanese version of this event knew:

Bullet Seed

Dragon Rage
(3rd move slot was empty)
(4th move slot was empty)

Quick Attack
Air Cutter
(4th move slot was empty)