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Fes Mission

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Written by Fallen

The Fes Mission is the new versions upgrade to the Entralink missions. Accessable by going through the Entralink in the C-Gear, you can select missions that vary in what you can do. Missions can be anything from quizing a trainer to hunting items and Pokémon. Once the missions is successfully completed you will receive varing awards. The player limit is 100.


Fes Missions
Mission: Task: How to Obtain: Time Limit:
Search for Audino Look for Audino in the shaking grass and caputre it. Unknown 3 Minutes
A lot of Treasure Hunt for three pieces of treasure in the shiny spots of caves and forests. Pokémon Black 2 Only 3 Minutes
A Great Berry Search Adventure Hunt for berries that are dotted. Show Meloetta to person in Castelia City 3 Minutes
Treasure Hunt A hunt for six items of treasure and items in the shiny spots of the cave and forest. Pokémon White 2 Only 3 Minutes

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