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PokeStar Studios

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Written by Tidus

PokeStar Studios

The PokeStar Studios is a new feature in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 which replaces the Pokémon Musical feature from Pokémon Black & White. It allows you to make movies with rental Pokémon or with your own Pokémon. You can watch the movie you played in after the battle at the theater. The audience will rate the movie based on your performance. The Iccirus City Gym Leader, Brycen, also takes part in several films.


The PokeStar Studio is located southwest of Unova and is right next to Virbank City. In order to access the PokeStar Studios, you must first defeat the Virbank City Gym Leader, Roxie.

How To Make Films

In order to make a film, you must go into a room with a green screen and start battling a trainer. During the battle, you will be presented with various options that ultimately construct the outcome of the movie. After the script of the movie is complete: you can head to the theater and watch the results.

Movie List:

The list below contains all the revealed movies that you can act in, so far.

  • Brycen-man
  • La Nebbia Rossa
  • Die Pforten des Zauberreichs
  • Amor a Primera Vista
  • The Giant Woman
  • Ghost Eraser
  • Time Gate Traveler
  • Fullmetal Cop
  • Invaders
  • Giant Monster
  • Un Souvenir Inoubliable

Superstar Pokémon

Once you have created your first movie, you will have the opportunity to use your own Pokémon in the future. If you choose your own style of acting instead of following the main script while you still end up completing the mission: you will then be able to see the alternate ending of the movie. After you've done that, your Pokémon will gain fame and will have its own introduction animation at the start of every in-film battle.

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