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Written by Tidus

Important Notes:

Only the JP Pokémon B2/W2 versions are released as of yet. As such, this FAQ/Walkthrough assumes that you either have a basic understanding of Japanese (enough to at least be able to convert Hiragana/Katakana into Romaji), or that you're enough of a Pokémon fan to be able to identify Pokémon, moves, items and the like without an English text cue. If you're playing the JP version, it's more than likely that you qualify for at least one of the categories above. Alternatively, you can use our Translation Patch!

Other Notes:

  • This walkthrough features a large number of internal hyperlinks. If you see a word or phrase highlighted in black, you can click it to quickly and easily skip to information on that place, move, Pokémon, item, shop or whatever else it may be. This allows for much easier use and means that you can refer to information on something that you may not understand as you progress through the game, instead of having to scroll through searching for it and then scroll back to the point in the walkthrough that you were at. Once you want to return to the walkthrough after clicking an internal hyperlink, simply press 'Backspace' on your keyboard.

  • In the Japanese version, if you're ever asked a two option question during dialogue, reply with the top answer (it's generally 'Yes') unless stated otherwise within the walkthrough. This will help the game progress as needed. The main exception to the rule is when you're asked if you wish to give a nickname to your Pokémon and you don't wish to.

  • In the playthrough which is used as the basis for this guide, I played the Black version, used Oshawott as my starter and played during the 'Summer' in-game season. For this reason, some information on certain changes that occur when playing the White version, choosing a different starter or playing during a different in-game season may not be included, but the vast majority of information should be, so there's no need to worry!

  • This guide uses '$' as the currency instead of Pokémon Dollars or Yen.

  • This walkthrough assumes that you have decent knowledge of how Pokémon games work and so will assume that you know when and how to heal your Pokémon, how to catch and train Pokémon and all of the other core features found within all games in the series.

  • Chance of Encounter percentages are still approximations at this point, so don't treat them as exact figures yet. They will become more accurate in later updates.

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