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Pokemon Black & White 2 Walkthrough

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Welcome to my Pokémon Black Version 2 & Pokémon White Version 2 FAQ/Walkthrough! Straight off the bat - I'm a huge Pokémon fan. I have been hooked since 2001 when I first got Pokémon Blue and haven't stopped loving the series since. I hope that love shows throughout the following mass of text, as I guide you through the many aspects of Pokémon B/W 2.

Pokémon B/W 2, developed by Game Freak, still features classic Pokémon gameplay, with the primary objectives being to collect Pokémon, make them battle, stop the bad guys and become a Pokémon Master. It does however, have a wealth of new content, with two quite notable changes among a number of smaller. The first is the introduction of some previous generation Pokémon from the very start of the game. You no longer have to wait until you obtain the National Dex to be able to begin catching these Pokémon, but can instead start immediately. The second is the addition of the Pokémon World Tournament. This is every Pokémon fan's dream. This tournament features every notable Pokémon Trainer (whether Gym Leader, Rival, Elite Four Member or other notable trainer) of every region! You participate in it too, battling against your favourite NPCs from past and present games in a knockout-style tournament until there's only one trainer left. You can participate in both single and double battles too, making for even more possibilities!

For the most part, the gameplay between Black/White 2 and Black/White are the same, but there is an entirely new plotline that follows on from the original games. Set two years after B/W, you take control of a new trainer and start out in Aspertia City, the first time you've ever started out in a city as opposed to a town. Aspertia City, along with Sangi Town, Virbank City and their surrounding areas are totally new, giving you something never before seen. Once these places have been explored, the player can then venture back to most of the original areas in Unova.

The guide itself aims to provide a complete walkthrough, guiding you through all of the areas found in the game, as well as all post-game content. It also aims to provide complete lists of moves, items, shops and other helpful appendices that can be used to make the game easier. The various features within the game will also be given an explanation, including simpler things such as seasons, Pokémon types and how battling works, to more advanced things such as EVs, IVs and how damage is calculated.

Pokémon B/W have certainly been done justice with this sequel, making for a new area to explore and an immensely fun game all around. And now your adventure begins!

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