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Written by Tidus

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Walk through the gate (there's nothing to collect this time) and come out the other side. You'll come upon the man that was blocking the gate before and that was standing in the Gym when you battled Roxie. He's talking to another man. He'll notice you and, after conversing, will drag you all around Pokestar Studios, forcing you to watch a movie and even create your own before finally allowing you to go off on your own once more.

To create the movie, simply talk to the blonde-haired man next to the door at the back. Select whichever option you like and you'll then be taken into the studio. Here you will have a fake Pokémon battle. Once it's over, whether you win or lose, you're free to explore.

Feel free to play around with Pokestar Studios and film your own movies. We have an in-depth guide here. When you're ready, head back to Virbank City.

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