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Battle Subway

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Written by Tony32


Hello everyone, welcome to my Pokémon Black & White: Battle Subway guide! Hopefully, at the end of this guide, you will have a better understanding of the Battle Subway, and rack up those battle points / streaks. First off, Pokémon Black & White introduced a new feature called the Battle Subway. The Battle Subway is designed for you to take your Pokémon, and win as much as possible. Once you enter the Battle Subway, you can participate in Singles, Super Singles, Doubles, Super Doubles, Multi, Super Multi, and of course, Wifi. Sadly, this guide will not be focusing on Wifi, and will be focusing only on Singles, and Doubles. When you enter the Battle Subway, go to which mode you prefer to play, for me, it´s Super Singles. You must take note that you can´t play the Super Single / Doubles mode until you finish the regular singles / doubles mode. Go inside one of the Subways, talk to the lady that´s wearing a green hat, and a green outfit, she´s located by the actual train itself. Once you talk to the lady, she will ask you if you want to save, press yes, then she´ll let you enter 3 Pokémon for Singles, 4 Pokémon for Doubles, and 2 Pokémon for Multi. Once you´re ready, you will board the actual train. The Battle Subway is a win or die type of game, if you win, you face the next challenger, but if you lose, you get no second chances and your streak will be over. You face seven people, if you beat your seventh opponent you get battle points, the longer your streak last, the harder it gets, and the more battle points you get for spending. Once you get a 20 game winning streak, you will face the Battle Subway boss, so you should prepare.

EV Breeding / IV Breeding

You won´t last long in the Battle Subway if you don´t pay much attention to IV Breeding / EV Traning. IV Breeding is a bit complicated if you´ve never done it before, but once you learn the basics it´s pretty easy, especially in this generation. Of course it takes time and effort, but it´s worthwhile in the end, trust me. First off, let´s introduce EV Traning.

EV Training:

[1] I have no idea how EVs are obtained, help?

Have no fear youngster, for I will teach you how to EV train! When you battle a Pokémon, your Pokémon will earn Effort Points each time it earns experience. What kind of Effort Points you recieve depends fully on the type of Pokémon that you gained the experience from. For example, if I battle one Lillipup, I will recieve one attack EV because Lillipup distributes attack EVs. You can go up to 510 EVs, 252 in each stat. Let´s say I´m EV traning my Sawsbuck, I want to train it in attack, and speed. First off, I would battle 252 Lillipup to receive 252 attack EVs, and I would battle 126 Basculin to recieve 252 Speed EVs. Well, why 126 instead of 252 you ask? Well, Basculin gives two speed EVs instead of one. Once I have 252 in each stat, which is Attack and Speed, I have six more EVs left to distrubute, since extra HP is nice, I can go battle six Stunfisk for the extra EVs.

For more in-depth information on Effort Values, see our Effort Values guide!

[2] Do I actually have to battle that many Pokémon to obtain my EVs? That will take forever!

Well, you´re correct, it will take forever, and that´s why GameFreak introduced us to new items that will fast-forward our process to obtain these EVs.

Macho Brace: - Double EVs obtained in a battle. For example, if I battle one Lillipup, which gives out one attack EV, instead of getting one attack EV, I would be getting TWO attack EVs for every Lillipup that I defeat. It´s pretty simple. If you want another example, let´s say I want to get some HP EVs, Stunfisk gives out two HP EVs, instead of getting two HP EVs for every Stunfisk I defeat, I would receive four HP EVs because the Macho Brace doubles whatever I get in battle. Simple, huh?

Power Items: - Last Gen, GameFreak introduced Power Items to process EV traning. There´s a Power Item for every stat. HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Defense, and Special Attack. Each Power item gives out four EVs. So, let´s say if I battle Lillipup for attack EVs, and I have a Power Bracer equipped, I would receive five EVs for every Lillipup that I defeat. Four attack EVs from the Power Bracer + one attack EV given by Lillipup.

Vitamins: - For every Vitamin you give your Pokémon, you´re receiving 10 EVs in that stat in which the Vitamin was. Protein gives you attack EVs, Calcium gives out Special Attack EVs, Iron gives out Defense EVs, Zinc gives out Special Defense EVs, Carbos gives out Speed EVs, and HP UP gives out HP EVs. As stated before, for every Vitamin you take, you receive 10 EVs. You must note that you can only receive up to 100 EVs in Vitamins for each stat. For example, I want to train my Garchomp, and I don´t want to spend as much time EV traning in battles. Hey, how about I give my Garchomp 10 Proteins so he can have 100 evs in his attack stat! One Protein taken = 10 EVs. 10 Protein taken = 100 EVs. Alright, I have 100 evs in attack, now I want to give my Chomp some speed, so I give it 10 Carbos so it can have 100 EVs in speed. Now that that´s done, I have 100 evs in attack, so i only need 152 more evs to max out it´s Attack EVs, same for Speed. Vitamins are an easy way to speed up the process if you don´t have much time on your hand.

Wings: - Newly introduced in Generation 5, is EV Wings. For every Wing you give your Pokémon, you will receive one EV. There are Wings for each stat. Unlike Vitamins, there is no limit for how many Wings you give your Pokémon. Yes, I can give my Garchomp 252 Attack Wings to recieve 252 Attack EVs. You can find Wings on Marvelous Bridge. This technique to EV train isn´t the greatest considering it´s pretty time consuming getting 252 Wings for two desirable stats.

Pokerus: - A Pokémon virus that doubles the Effort Values your Pokémon earns in Battle, it acts like a Macho Brace without the effect of lowering in-battle speed. Not only does Pokerus doubles Effort Values in battles, you can pair it up with a Power Item to get twice as much Effort Values as you would get. Sadly, Pokerus is very rare, however you can catch it by obtaning other Pokémon through GTS.

For more in-depth information Pokérus, visit our Pokérus guide!

IV Breeding:

This is a bit tough, but it´s worth it. Every Pokémon you encounter either in the wild or through eggs have their IVs randomly assigned to them. You can however, through breeding, increase the odds of breeding a Pokémon with high IVs if it´s parents have high IVs in the same stat. You would want both parents to have the same IV in the same stat. This was how IV breeding was done in the past generations, and to some extent still for those who want multiple perfect IV Breeds. Having parents with the same IVs isn´t necessary if you´re after only one IV. You can simply have one of the parents with the desired IV carry a power item. This has made IV breeding in Generation 5 much easier, especially if you´re after only having two perfect IVs on an offspring. If you take a look at your Pokémon summary page, each Pokémon has a phrase like "Alert to sound" or "Likes to Trash About". If you take a look at mutliple sources around the internet, the different characteristics that you see apply to multiple Individual Values of a Certain stat. Here is a chart to better explain what I´m talking about.

0/5/10/15/20/25/30 - Loves to Eat 1/6/11/16/21/26/31 - Often Dozes Off 2/7/12/17/22/27 - Often Naps 3/8/13/18/23/28 - Often Scatters Things 4/9/14/19/24/29 - Likes to Relax
0/5/10/15/20/25/30 - Proud Of it´s Power 1/6/11/16/21/26/31 - Likes to Trash About 2/7/12/17/22/27 - A Little Quick Tempered 3/8/13/18/23/28 - Likes to Fight 4/9/14/19/24/29 - Hot Tempered
0/5/10/15/20/25/30 - Sturdy Body 1/6/11/16/21/26/31 - Capable Of Taking Hits 2/7/12/17/22/27 - Highly Persistent 3/8/13/18/23/28 - Good Endurance 4/9/14/19/24/29 - Good Perseverance
Special Attack
0/5/10/15/20/25/30 - Highly Curious 1/6/11/16/21/26/31 - Mischievous 2/7/12/17/22/27 - Thoroughly Cunning 3/8/13/18/23/28 - Often Lost in Thought 4/9/14/19/24/29 - Very Finickly
Special Defense
0/5/10/15/20/25/30 - Strong Willed 1/6/11/16/21/26/31 - Somewhat Vain 2/7/12/17/22/27 - Strongly Defiant 3/8/13/18/23/28 - Hates To Lose 4/9/14/19/24/29 - Somewhat Stubborn
0/5/10/15/20/25/30 - Likes to Run 1/6/11/16/21/26/31 - Alert To SOunds 2/7/12/17/22/27 - Impetuous and Silly 3/8/13/18/23/28 - Somewhat of a Clown 4/9/14/19/24/29 - Quick to Flee

Whichever characteristics appear in your Pokémon´s summary page, applies to only the IV value that is the highest. If your Pokémon has multiple highest IV values that are the same, then the characteristic phrases are totally random. There is no specific way even if you do have Alert to Sound that that IV is 31, so in generation 5, Gamefreak introduced the IV Checker, but we will get to that later. You can also check your IVs on an IV calculator. Why not try our IV Calculator?

There´s a neat trick to highly increase the chances of finding a parent with the nature and max IV you want, without this trick, don´t search for a parent with both the IV and nature you want in the wild, it takes too long. Synchronize is the ability you need. You can check our Ability Dex and see which Pokémon has access to the ability Synchronize. To name a few off the top of my head Abra, Elegyem, Ralts, Mew all has the ability Synchronize. Elegyem is the easiest Pokémon to find with Synchronize, it´s found at the top of Celstial Tower. Synchronize makes it that half of the wild Pokémon you run into have the same nature, as the Pokémon that has Syncronize, you must remember to keep the Synchronizer in front of your team. If your Synchronizer is a lower level, and you don´t think you will escape from a battle with a higher level Pokémon, you should give the Pokémon that has Syncronize a Smoke Ball which allows the user to escape 100% of the time. You must remember, it´s a 50/50 chance you will run into a Pokémon with the same nature as your Synchronizer. Hunting for an Adamant Pokémon? Put a Synchronizer with an Adamant nature in front of your party and go hunting, eventually you´ll land one with an Adamant nature and the IV you want, which should be "Likes to Trash About" if you´re aiming for 31 attack IVs.

Lets go back to what I stated earlier in this guide. If you remember, I was explaining about ways to check your IVs, and see if they´re perfect. Generation 5 introduced the IV Check Man. The IV Check Man is located at the Battle Subway in Nimbasa City. He will make a statement about your Pokémon overall IVs and then he´ll choose the highest IV to comment on, if you have more than highest IVs of equal value, he´ll comment on all of them. He´ll also say It can´t be better in that regard which means that IV is 31.

So when you go out to capture the parents in mass, you can use the characteristics to weed out those who don´t make the cut. For example, if you want a Deerling father with maximum attack; hunt for only males with "Likes to Trash About" and release those that don´t have that particular IV, but you must take note that they might have other max IVs. Go to the Battle Subway, and have the guy check your Pokémon to confirm if the IV is 31, or if your Pokémon has multiple maximum IVs.

Here is a brief explanation on what the IV checker says based on the IVs of your Pokémon.

If the IV total is between 0 and 90:
This Pokémon potential is decent all around
If the IV total is betwene 91 and 120:
This Pokémon´s potential is above average overall.
If the IV total is between 121 and 150:
This Pokémon has relatively superior potential overall.
If the IV total is between 151 and 186:
This Pokémon has outstanding potential overall.
If the highest IV is between 0 and 15:
It´s rather decent in that regard.
If the highest IV is between 16 and 25:
It´s very good in that regard.
If the highest IV is between 26 and 30:
It´s fantastic in that regard.
If the Highest IV is 31: It can´t be better in that regard.

Also, take note that it´s not recommended that you try to extreme breed for 31 IVs in each stat because it would take months to perfect it, two or three is enough.


Know what to expect at the Battle Subway, trust me when I tell you this, it isn´t a pushover mode. The more wins you get, the tougher it gets, so that´s why it´s important to EV train / IV breed your Pokémon beforehand otherwise you won´t be lasting long. Also, make sure you have a clear strategy when going into the Battle Subway. Try to have a balanced team that covers each others weaknesses. For example, don´t bring three Psychic types to the Battle Subway because you´ll be sure to bump into a Pokémon that knows a Dark-type move and will defeat your Pokémon faster than your eye can blink. With the Improved AI, the Computer knows what to pick, and when to pick it. Instead of bringing the same types, try to balance things out and cover other Pokémon weaknesses. Let´s examine. I want a nice balanced Battle Subway team so I can win as much as possible. First things first, I want to have a Pokémon that hits hard and is very fast, so I pick Durant. Durant is a Pokémon with excellent Speed, and great Attack. Durant is Bug / Steel so it´s VERY weak to fire types, and trust me, the AI is going to be trying to exploit Durant´s weakness, so the other two Pokémon that I have need to cover for Durant. Suicune absorbs fire attacks like the beast that it is, and is a very powerful Calm Mind Sweeper, so I pair Durant up with Suicune for pretty good synergy. Now, I know the AI is going to target Suicune weakness through Electric / Grass type moves, so how about a Pokémon that pairs up with Suicune? Heatran is a good Pokémon to pair it up with, and it also works well with Durant. Rememeber, before you enter the Super Singles / Super Doubles mode, make sure you bring good IV breeded / EV trained Pokémon so you can go further.

When you search for Parents to IV Breed, make sure to bring about 50-60 Ultra Balls, and try to bring a Pokémon that knows False Swipes, which is always helpful.

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