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Written by Tidus

Pokémon Black & White are the paired versions of the Fifth Generation. The long anticipated Pokémon Black & White games have tremendously improved, displaying a higher level of 3D graphics than previous versions, a complete overhaul of the overworld and a new set of 156 new Pokémon!

The games have you traveling as older protangonists unlike previous versions throughout the region of Unova. Unova is said to be far apart from other regions and according to Junichi Masuda, Unova is based upon New York cities metropolitan area while it also features large and isolated areas as well as industrial locations. Additionally, Unova has a large city called Castelia City which is located on the South Central area of the region. Castelia City, unlike other large cities in previous versions, is one of the largest cities ever to be revealed, with huge skyscrapers and giant buildings.

One of the many new areas in Pokémon Black & Pokémon White is the Sky Arrow Bridge. The Sky Arrow Bridge is a long bridge that makes a means of transportation from Shippou City to Castelia City and vice versa. The bridge has two levels, the bottom level is evidently for vehicules to pass and the upper level is a walk-by for pedestrians.

In addition to the 3D graphical interface the game has, numerous aesthetic changes have been made from previous generations. All Pokémon are now animated during battle they have stationary, offensive and defensive sprites and the camera changes focus in battles to better capture specific parts of the battle.

Team Plasma are the new villains of the Unova region, however, their goal is rather different from all the other villain teams. they intend to do good as Team Plasmaes goal is to free all Pokémon from trainers and end the slavery. However, their motives begin to go way beyond what they had wanted. Your Rival in this game is N, he is the self-proclaimed King of Team Plasma and you will encounter him various times throughout the game.

Pokémon Black & White bring many new features into the fold, however some features have been left out such as Pokémon following their trainers, and the Battle Frontier. All the new features introduced in Black & White will be presented to you below.

Pokémon Black & White Features

156 New Pokémon!

As with every new generation, the Pokémon Company bring us brand new Pokémon. In this new generation, there are 156 new Pokémon making it the most revealed of any generation.

Triple Battles

The customary function of Triple Battles are where each trainer has to send out three Pokémon from their roster out on the field at once. In Triple Battles, positioning is a huge factor. Depending on how you place your Pokémon, be it left or right, they can only attack two of the opponents Pokémon, instead of all three.

Rotational Battles

Rotational Battles are similar to Triple Battles but with some new extra changes. Rotational Battles also have you sending out three of your Pokémon at once but only your leading Pokémon is allowed to battle 1on1 against the opponents leading Pokémon.

Dream World

The Dream World is a place in the Global Link website where you can find Pokémon you wouldnet normally find in the games and do many other stuff like play mini-games, meet other Pokémon and befriend them so you can bring back to the real games, obtain items and grow berries.

Pokémon Musical

The Pokémon Musical is the new way contests are held in Pokémon Black & White, unlike previous games where you had to battle to impress the judges, in the Pokémon Musical, you dress up your Pokémon and make them participate in a musical.

The PokeShifter

Do you want to leave all your precious Pokémon in the old 4th Generation games? No? Are you trying to figure out how you can transfer them to your new Pokémon Black & White games? Donet panic! The PokeShifter is a new feature that allows you to transfer Pokémon from your Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver games to your new B/W games by playing a simple and fun mini-game.

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