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The Entralink

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Written by Tidus


The Entralink is a brand new feature introduced in Pokémon Black & White that allows you to connect with your friends via the wireless function of the C-Gear. Its main function is that it has one player host the Entralink while the other connects to the host´s game as an allocated multiplayer avatar, seeing the players world in complete monochrome. When connected to your friend´s world, you can visit practically ANY area within the game while the host accompanies you as you are roaming through his world of the Unova region.


That´s not all there is to the Entralink! In the Entralink, once you have connected to your friend´s game, you are able to complete missions with your friend(s) and/or against them. You can start the missions by interacting with the Entree. The Entree is a huge tree located somewhere in the middle of the Entralink Forest and when you complete these missions, you are awarded with Pass Powers. Pass Powers are power-ups in your own game and can also be shared with people who are around you - wirelessly. However, in order to use these Pass Powers, you need to activate them by the use of Pass Orbs which can be obtained after completing all six missions, the Dream World or outside of the Pokémon Centers (while using the Entralink only). When completing all six missions, the roles will be switched and the host will be forced to complete the missions while the other will be forced to host the Entralink, however, the roles can also be switched if one fails a mission.

In order to enter the Entralink, you must have progressed at least as far as Nimbasa City, because the Entralink only includes the ring of routes and cities around the center of the map. You may not connect if one of you are in inside a building. The players, in order to establish a connection, must be on the Entralink bridge while the C-Gear being on. Once this is done, you can then use the Entralink by turning to the C-Gear and pressing the button that says "Wireless", and then tapping the button labeled "Entralink".

Entree Forest

The Entree Forest is a place where you go to capture all your Dream World Pokémon, it is located north of the Entralink area in central Unova. It has the same concept of the Palpark feature in which you receive Dreamballs that have a 100% chance of catching the Pokémon. (100% catch rate) However, unlike the Palpark feature, you are not obliged to use the Dreamballs. There are two areas within the Entree Forest, they are known as the Forest Clearing and the Deepest Clearing

The differences between the Forest Clearing and the Deepest Clearing is that Pokémon that come from the Dream World are automatically sent to the Forest Clearing, and not the Deepest Clearing. However, if you would like to send a Pokémon from the Forest Clearing to the Deepest Clearing, all you have to do is interact with the Pokémon and choose not to capture it. Additionally, if your party and box is full, then this option will appear by default. The Deepest Clearing is also capable of holding 10 Pokémon.

Once both the Forest and Deepest clearings are full, the forest will automatically grow in order to allow the player to store more Pokémon.

Pass Powers

When playing through missions in the Entralink, you gain access to Pass Powers. These Pass Powers are used to purchase temporary powers that assist you during your Entralink playing time. Each power lasts approximately three minutes with the exception of the EXP. and HP powers which take effect immediately. These Pass Powers can also be distributed to other players via the C-Gears Tag Log. A list of all the Pass Powers is listed below;

Capture Power14Increases Capture Rate
Capture Power25Increases Capture Rate
Capture Power36Increases Capture Rate
Discount Power13PokéMart prices reduced by 10%
Discount Power24PokéMart prices reduced by 20%
Discount Power35PokéMart prices reduced by 50%
Encounter Power12Increases Wild Pokémon Encounter rate
Encounter Power23Increases Wild Pokémon Encounter rate
Encounter Power34Increases Wild Pokémon Encounter rate
Encounter Power-12Decreases Wild Pokémon Encounter rate
Encounter Power-23Decreases Wild Pokémon Encounter rate
Encounter Power-33Decreases Wild Pokémon Encounter rate
EXP. Point Power12Increases EXP gained (x1.2)
EXP. Point Power23Increases EXP gained (x1.5)
EXP. Point Power34Increases EXP gained (x2)
EXP. Point Power-12Decreases EXP gained (x1.2)
EXP. Point Power-23Decreases EXP gained (x1.5)
EXP. Point Power-34Decreases EXP gained (x2)
Happiness Power12Pokémon Happiness Increases Faster
Happiness Power23Pokémon Happiness Increases Faster
Happiness Power34Pokémon Happiness Increases Faster
Hatching Power-13Decreases Hatching Steps value
Hatching Power-24Decreases Hatching Steps value
Hatching Power-35Decreases Hatching Steps value
HP Power12Pokémon gradually recover HP
HP Power23Pokémon gradually recover HP
HP Power34Pokémon gradually recover HP
Money Power12Increases money gained from battle (x1.2)
Money Power23Increases money gained from battle (x1.5)
Money Power34Increases money gained from battle (x2)
PP Power12Pokémon gradually recover PP
PP Power23Pokémon gradually recover PP
PP Power34Pokémon gradually recover PP

Exploiting the Entralink

The discovery of this exploit is credited to Samuel Reinke from The Pokédex Project!

The other type of power, the "given" type, last MUCH longer, up to an hour at the longest, and provide the maximum benefit, without a single Pass Orb spent on your part. However, to obtain such powers depends on two things: another player to give you said power, and random chance that your Entree will give said other player the option to give you the power you want, which makes it hardly reliable.

However, there IS a way to reliably exploit the Entralink, provided you have the resources, so that you can obtain the hour-long Pass Powers you want, as often as you need them.

The first thing you have to know is that you need hardware. You need steady access to at least two Nintendo DS systems, and at least two copies of Black/White. This reason alone is why I am guessing that this exploit hasn´t been widely broadcasted over the internet as of yet. Once you have both DS´ and both copies of the game, you need to have gotten to Nimbasa City in the version you wish to get the renewable hour-long Pass Powers in, and at least have obtained the C-Gear in the other version. As far as I am aware, you also have to have a fully-maxed Entree in the version you wish to use the Entralink Exploit on, so that you may get the Pass Power Maxes (Max is the suffix used to denote a Pass Power lasts one hour). Having a copy of White and one of Black to help speed that process up works wonders.

Now, once you have both copies of the game, you have determined which version you wish to exploit the Pass Powers on, and you have gotten them far enough along that you can enter the Entralink of the version to exploit with, you begin doing the Entree missions. For me, I used Black as the version to exploit with, and White to do the missions on Black. I would use my version of White, connect to my copy of Black, and walk to Black´s Entree and select a mission, complete it, and repeat the process until I had completed five of the six missions. I then saved the game on Black after the completion of the 5th mission. This is VERY important to do. If you´ve been guessing it, you´re right: the top two pips of the Entree Hexagon are the pips to select the ´given" Pass Power Max missions, and they are randomly generated pending the completion of a ´mission cycle". The reason you save the game after the completion of the 5th mission is to enable yourself to soft-reset the soon-to-be-exploiter version.

Now then, once I saved Black after the successful completion of the 5th mission, I went back in with White, walked to the Black Entree, completed the final mission, and was put back in White´s Entralink, just like always. I then re-entered Black´s Entralink with White, checked the Black Entree, and found that the new "mission cycle" was up, and that the top two powers were "Exp Point Power Max" and "Befriending Power Max", which were both different from the last mission cycle, and not unexpected. Well, those were the two powers I did not want, so I soft-resetted Black, re-did the 6th mission on it, and re-entered the Black Entralink with White to once again examine the Black Entree. This time, the two Pass Power Maxes were Befriending Max and Prize Money Max, again, not what I needed. So, I soft-resetted again and the cycle continued.

I kept this up until I obtained the Holy Grail of Pass Power Maxes on Black, Hatching Power Max and Exp Point Power Max. These Powers allowed me to give my Black version the power of increased egg hatching rates and increased experience point gains from battle for one hour each, an absolute blessing for the Pokémon Breeder in us all. Afterwards, I saved the Black game and restarted it, and re-checked with White to see what I suspected: I had kept those options for missions to complete in Black. Therefore, by using the White game as the initiator and redoing the missions to give Hatching and Exp Point Max, I could give my copy of Black an infinite amount of Hatching Power Max and Exp Point Power Max, at any time I so desired, VASTLY reducing the amount of time and Pass Orbs spent hatching eggs and raising newly-trained Pokémon.

Keep in mind, though, that the method to getting these ideal Pass Powers was by random chance; it took me six straight hours of play to get the two ´perfect" powers. You also have to remember that to utilize them to the fullest, a second DS and a second copy of the game is necessary in order to both give yourself the power and to give it to yourself on a basis that is convenient to you. While it is a time-consuming process, the amount of time you save in hatching eggs and leveling your Pokémon MORE than makes up for it, and greatly reduces the stress of breeding.

Mission Listing

Below are all the missions that you have to complete in the Entralink, after a completion of a mission, the players Entree will grow. Additionally, all Power S are only in effect for 30 minutes while all Power MAX are in effect for an hour.

Support Mission

In this mission, you have to look for the Entralink host in order to give them a special Power. These special Powers are no ordinary Powers, as they last longer and the effects are enhanced. They are listed Below;

Power Time Limit Enhanced Effect
Point Power S Time Limit: 30 minutes. The EXP. points you receive in battle are doubled!
Experience Point Power MAX One hour. The EXP. points you receive in battle are doubled!
Pocket Money Power S 30 Minutes The money you win after winning a battle triples!
Pocket Money Power MAX One hour. The money you win after winning a battle triples!
Egg Hatch Power S 30 minutes Hatching eggs will become much more easier!
Egg Hatch Power MAX One hour. Hatching eggs will become much more easier!
Friendship Power S 30 minutes. Pokémon gain happiness quicker!
Friendship Power MAX One hour. Pokémon gain happiness quicker!
Discount Power S T30 minutes. 50% discount at all Pokémarts, Department Stores and Markets!
Discount Power MAX One hour. 50% discount at all Pokémarts, Department Stores and Markets!
PHP Restore Power Used immediately. HP fully recovers!
Capture Power S 30 minutes. Every Pokémons catch rate is increased!
Capture Power MAX One hour. Every Pokémons catch rate is increased!

Item Mission

You have two different assignments in this mission, the first assignment is to sell an item at a price which is 50% higher than usual. The mission fails if you are turned down. The second assignment is to hide and item somewhere in the hosts game. You can only hide the item in an area where the host has already been to during normal gameplay. If you are spoken to while doing this assignment, the mission fails. The items that you can hide are Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Heal Ball, Net Ball, Nest Ball, Quick Ball, Dusk Ball, Timer Ball, Repeat Ball, Dive Ball and Luxury Ball. And the area´s in which you are able to hide them are listed below; (note: if the player hasn´t been to one of the area´s listed below, then you cannot hide them item there!

Item Mission Specific Area
Nimbasa City Between the benches.
Driftveil City Behind the market building.
Mistralton City In front of the plane.
Icirrus City In between the four dancers.
Opelucid City In front of the northern gate.
Lacunosa Town By the manhole.
Undella Town In front of the Villa.
Route 5 In front of the Preston the Musician.
Route 6 On the bridge right before Chargestone Cave.
Route 7 In front of the Celestial Tower entrance.
Route 8 In front of the roadsign.
Route 9 In front of trashcan by the vending machine.
Route 11 In front of the trailer.
Route 12 In front of the sign.
Route 13 In front of the tree by the bridge.
Route 14 Whereabouts the beach touches land.
Route 15 In the trashcan by the Poké Transfer Lab.
Route 16 Where the fence divides.

Rescue Mission

A simple yet fun mission. In this mission you have to find the host after they just had battle and speak with them. Here´s what you get for doing so;

Rescue Mission Time Limit Effect
Battle HP Restore Power Used immediately Heals the Entralink host´s Pokémon while in a battle. Host receives a Revive at the end of the battle.

Battle Mission

In this mission, you have to battle the host. If you are turned down, you fail the mission. There are four different type of battle options. 2v2; Level 10. 2v2; Level 30. 2v2; Level 50. 2v2; Level 100.

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