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Written by Tidus
Catching Pokémon is one of the most important Pokémon skills you need to know in the game. if you dont know how to catch Pokémon, you´ll always be stuck with one. In the competitve battling world, many people use Pokesav, and can effortlessly catch Pokémon. In the less experienced world, catching is important. You need important skill and knowledge to catch legendaries, shinys, and to find Pokémon.

All Pokémon are found in tall grass. You walk in tall grass in the game, and a Pokémon will randomly appear. Each Pokémon are based in different areas on the map, so it is important to know where to catch Pokémon, or find them. Some legendary Pokémon are based in certain places, and arre always found in 1 place (only once). There are other legendaries such as latias / latios, mespirit, cresselia, that play games with you and fly off around the map.

To catch Pokémon, firstly pick the Pokémon you want to catch. Lets say, Gible. Using the online pokedex, or the pokedex in your game, check to see if you have seen gible. If you havent, then use the online dex. Gible is found in a cave under the Pokémon cycling road in D/P. It is a rare Pokémon to find.

Now, you go to your location and hunt for the Pokémon. There are many things which contribute to how often you may find a Pokémon.

Once you have found a Pokémon, lower the Pokémons HP, give it a status problem for best results, and use the appropriate pokeball.

For a better catching performance, use the guides on the right menu, and look at the Pokeradar and Swarms section for further info!

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