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Written by Tidus

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl start off the 4th Generation. They are made with the new Nintendo DS, which gives the games touch screen capabilities and Wi-Fi enabling.

With 107 new Pokémon added, giving the Pokédex a count of 493 Pokémon. There are many new evolutions of old Pokémon and a completely new style of battling, instead of using just stats it uses whether or not the move is Physical or Special.

Diamond and Pearl take you into the Sinnoh region with new gym leaders, trainers, Pokémon, and faces old time Pokéfans would remember. You start off as a new trainer earning badges, becoming the Pokémon League Champion, and defeating Team Galactic who want world domination by taking over the main Legendary in your game. Dialga for Diamon and Palkia for Pearl.

There is also the Pal-Park, which allows you to insert your GBA Pokémon games, to get more Pokémon from foreign regions. There is also the Poké-Radar, allowing you to hunt in swarms of Pokémon easier, and the Pokétch that gives you many applications to make it easier to capture and breed Pokémon.

The biggest advancement to Pokémon games is Diamond and Pearl’s Global Trade Station. This allows you to trade Pokémon with people all around the world over the internet, by depositing a Pokémon, requesting a different Pokémon for it and trading.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl gives a fresh new start to trainers, reviving old game customs and making it the biggest Pokémon game so far.

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