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Battle Revolution

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Written by Tidus
Pokémon Battle Revolution is the first Pokémon game to hit the Wii. It is also the first Wii game to use the Nintendo WiFi Connection in North America and Japan and the first Wii game to wirelessly interact with the Nintendo DS.

In the beginning of the game, you will be swept away on an airplane to Pokétopia, a city on an island for Pokémon trainers. There, you can battle at fourteen different colosseums, each with special changes to the battle style and a Colosseum Leader. You can either use battle passes that the game provides, or Pokémon that you load wirelessly from Pokémon Diamond or Pearl. As you progress, you may return to Gateway Colosseum to get new passes if you beat the Colosseum Leader. You will also earn Poké-Coupons, the money to buy your trainers apparel, accessories, and hair colors.

Pokémon attacks are much more diverse in this game than previous, with each Pokémon acquiring its own animation for most moves in the game. Some animations will feature both the attacking and defending Pokémon on screen at the same time. Previous games would cut away to the defending Pokémon getting hit.

Pokémon Battle Revolution utilizes the WiFi feature. The two modes are: Battle With A Friend, which allows you to battle a friend using a 12-digit code, and Battle With Someone, which lets you face off with a random opponent. After each random battle, you are allowed to exchange friend passes. This means, you can use their pass in other battles you may have.

Pokémon Battle Revolution is not considered a very good game. Many people think it is not as good as XD Gale of Darkness and they believe that you need Pokémon Diamond and Pearl to open the entire gaming experience. I would recommend it to those who enjoy WiFi battling, not to those who enjoy a good storyline or do not have Pokémon Diamond or Pearl.

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