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Welcome to the PokéCheats C-Gear Skin Gallery!

The C-Gear is a new feature introduced within Pokémon Black & White. It is the sucessor to the Pokétch in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, the PokéNav in Hoenn and the PokéGear in Johto. The C-Gear however, is far more advanced with many more features than its predecessors. Obtained instantly after completing a task for Fennel in Pokémon Black & White and from Bianca in Aspertia City in Pokémon Black 2 & White 2, the C-Gear compiles a list of players that you encounter through Wi-Fi.

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Blastoise (click to download) Blastoise Blastoise. AndroFixx 04/07/2013 126 Download
Charizard (click to download) Charizard A Flying Charizard. AndroFixx 04/07/2013 104 Download
Golduck swimming (click to download) Golduck swimming A Golduck swimming, tested on DSiXL, works fine. AndroFixx 04/07/2013 53 Download
Pikachu USA 3DS News (click to download) Pikachu USA 3DS News A C-Gear Skin with the Pikachu from the 3DS release news. AndroFixx 04/07/2013 64 Download
Pikachu 3DS Style (click to download) Pikachu 3DS Style A C-Gear skin with Pikachu from the 3DS box. Tested on 3DS Pikachu, works fine. AndroFixx 04/07/2013 65 Download
Gardevoir and comet (click to download) Gardevoir and comet I'm not telling you because I don't know Slas 03/29/2013 103 Download
Sleeping eevee (click to download) Sleeping eevee its so cute! pikapikapika123456 03/23/2013 102 Download
Ninetails (click to download) Ninetails And another dog meh707 03/13/2013 119 Download
Arcanine (click to download) Arcanine Another dog meh707 03/13/2013 146 Download
Suicune (click to download) Suicune Blah blah Wet Dogs meh707 03/13/2013 176 Download

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