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Welcome to the PokéCheats C-Gear Skin Gallery!

The C-Gear is a new feature introduced within Pokémon Black & White. It is the sucessor to the Pokétch in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, the PokéNav in Hoenn and the PokéGear in Johto. The C-Gear however, is far more advanced with many more features than its predecessors. Obtained instantly after completing a task for Fennel in Pokémon Black & White and from Bianca in Aspertia City in Pokémon Black 2 & White 2, the C-Gear compiles a list of players that you encounter through Wi-Fi.

Please login with your forum account if you would like to upload a skin. Show off your artistic skills, and make something custom! We're looking for official skins as well. Read our guide for more information.

There are 97 skins in the gallery.
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Sasuke Mangekyou Sharingan (click to download) Sasuke Mangekyou Sharingan Sasuke's eyes bug 10/24/2012 188 Download
Surfing Pikachu (click to download) Surfing Pikachu A cute surfing pikachu in the sea metalblast 10/21/2012 306 Download
LaprasGaming (click to download) LaprasGaming My custom skin 8_BitLink 10/20/2012 113 Download
Super celebi (click to download) Super celebi My custom skin Kushbubbles 10/18/2012 138 Download
cool charizard eveloution (click to download) cool charizard eveloution Made by Popeel2 popeel2 10/17/2012 374 Download
legend o unova (click to download) legend o unova awesome stuff Xkyurem 10/16/2012 1248 Download
victini fortune (click to download) victini fortune Victini skin is here. funnyboy 10/09/2012 416 Download
Dragonite <3 (click to download) Dragonite <3 Text says: "F*ck you I'm a Dragon!" JaceHusky 10/05/2012 282 Download
staraptor (click to download) staraptor Your own staraptor skin for your own c-gear! funnyboy 10/02/2012 150 Download
PorygonZ (click to download) PorygonZ PorygonZ C-gear Skin Rayquaza19 09/29/2012 556 Download

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