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Thread: Pokemon Sword and Shield Reveal

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    Pokemon Sword and Shield Reveal

    Pokémon Sword and Shield were revealed as the 8th generation of Pokémon on the Nintendo Switch. These games will take place in the Galar region, with the starters, Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble unveiled. The games are planned to come out some time in late 2019.

    Check out the trailer over here:

    The Galar region seems to be based upon Great Britain, with gym battles and random encounters in grass returning. What are your thoughts on the new generation? Feel free to post on the forum thread to share your thoughts and opinions on this announcement.

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    Okay so all three of the starters look pretty cool in my opinion, and I'll have to see their evolutions to determine which one I ultimately pick.

    Other than that, my one wish is that the game runs well and that they continue to add new mechanics that shake the formula up. I really need this game to be good haha.

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    Oh so it's that time of year again, is it?

    - None of the starters stand out to me the way Rowlett did, but fire bunnies are always okay, so that makes that decision easy.
    - The world looks really pretty, which I guess makes sense because it's the first game(s) not on a handheld in ages.
    - I don't think they showed off much of the battle system but judging by social media I think I'm the only one who'd be okay if they rebooted the mechanics to Gen 5, or even Gen 4, and don't try to introduce a polarizing new gimmick like z moves or whatever.
    - I saw someone say they think the region could be Ireland but I'm taking that with a grain of salt, architecture checks out for Britain though. Definitely not a tropical place.

    tl;dr I'm probably going to own a Switch by next year finally

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    The games are super great so far! Region is just fun, the character designs are all totally wizard (especially the gym leaders! Imo this is def. the best cast of gym leaders so far, they aren't super present in the story [at least not from what I've seen, I'm not too far in!] but they all stand out.) The soundtrack is great, too. Just one thing: did they turn down the catch rates for this game or something? I swear, I've run out of Poke Balls so many times trying to catch even the lowest leveled mons.. I used to play whole games only using the regular Poke Balls before, but that just seems silly with this game..

    Bet you can't guess what starter I picked

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