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Pokémon Rumble U
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Pokémon X version & Y version
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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
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Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure
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Pokédex 3D Pro
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The PSN PokéApp is an offline Pokémon resource that contains a fully up-to-date pokedex, itemdex, movedex and ability dex. With addition to Calculators such as a Hidden Power Calculator and an IV Calculator. This tool is useful if you don't feel like searching for pokemon info on the net, or if you temporarily have your internet cut off! A full list of features is listed below and as well as a download link.


Pokédex- A complete Pokédex with locations, stats, weakness/strengths and whatnot for Gen III and up. (EV yields added in beta 584)

Hidden Power- A Hidden Power calculator that lets you calculate what type and what strength your Pokémon's going to get when it's using Hidden Power.

Catchrate- An easy catchrate calculator for the curious ones.

Voltorb Flip Calculator- A voltorb flip calculator that helps you calculate the possibility of voltorbs in the HGSS minigame. Thanks to EPFMy for that module

Local GTS Server- A local GTS server which lets you send and recieve Pokémons from your DS through WiFi for both GenIV and GenV games. Based on Madaruwode's HyperGTS.

ItemDex- A complete ItemDex with images, locations and descriptions.

MoveDex- A complete Movedex with all you need to know about a specific move.

Learnsets- Learnsets for every Pokémon! (TM/HM, Level up, egg and Tutor moves)

Evolutions- See the entire evolution tree for any given Pokémon and its evolution criteria.

What's up?- The beloved "What's up?" function! Never miss an in-game event in HGSS ever again!

Updates- All updates can be made within the application, no need to browse the internet to get the latest updates!

Abilities-(Implemented in beta 581) AbilityDex and possible abilities for every Pokémon.

IV calculator-(Implemented in beta 587) Calculate IV's based on stats, evs and nature.

Skinning-(Implemented in beta 590) Customize your PokéApp with your own, home made skins!

If you want to stay updated in the developement of the PokéApp, then visit the Official Developement Thread posted by the creator of PokéApp, Greger. Please post all your questions/suggestions/feedback in that thread!


Windows Download:

Current release: Beta 603 (Always get the latest updates through the app)
.NET Framework 3.5 required.
Currently only works on x86/64 WinXP, Vista, Win7

Perl Version:

Commandline perl version now available! Made for those who do not want to run PokéApp through mono and/or fancies commandline better. Should work on all platforms that can run perl scripts.
DOWNLOAD NOW! Latest version: v0.52

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