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Pokémon Rumble U
  • japan April 24th, 2013
  • EU TBA
Pokémon X version & Y version
  • japan October 12th, 2013
  • USA October 12th, 2013
  • EU October 12th, 2013
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
  • japan November 23rd, 2012
  • USA March 24th, 2013
  • EU May 17th, 2013
Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure
  • japan April 21st, 2012
  • EU September 21st, 2012
Pokédex 3D Pro
  • japan July 14th, 2012
  • USA November 8th, 2012
  • EU November 8th, 2012

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  • Written by Zachgoose - Fri, 18 Nov 2016 14:11:24 +0000
    Happy Worldwide Pokémon Sun and Moon Release Day (RIP EU)!

    What are your hopes and fears for this brand new generation of Pokémon? No spoilers for the next month please (unless you're using a spoiler tag)!

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  • Written by Zachgoose - Thu, 18 Aug 2016 18:06:35 +0000
    The Official Pokémon YouTube channel revealed a new Pokémon today, Turtonator. It is a Fire/Dragon-type with a new move called Shell Trap which gets planted and deals an explosion of damage if the foe attacks in the same turn. What do you think of this new Pokémon?

  • Written by Zachgoose - Thu, 11 Aug 2016 12:57:43 +0000

    A new trailer was uploaded on the Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel, revealing several new Pokémon, alternate forms for Meowth, Marowak, and Raichu, and information about the evil team, Team Skull. Check out the video and let us know what you think about all this new information!

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  • Written by Zachgoose - Mon, 01 Aug 2016 19:21:58 +0000

    A new trailer was released today, showcasing several new Pokémon, alternate Pokémon forms, leaders, and mechanics.

    Exeggutor Aloha Form - Grass/Dragon. Ability: Frisk.

    Vulpix Aloha - Ice. Ability: Snow Cloak.

    Ninetales Aloha - Ice/Fairy. Ability: Snow Cloak.

    Sandshrew Aloha - Ice/Steel. Ability: Snow Cloak.

    Sandslash Aloha - Ice/Steel. Ability: Snow Cloak.

    Oricorio - Fire/Flying, Electric/Flying, Psychic/Flying, Ghost/Flying depending on island. Ability: Dancer: Copies dancing moves.

    Minoir - Rock/Flying. Ability: Shields Down - Has a defensive form at first, but when it drops below half health, it transforms into an attacking form.

    Gumshoos - Normal. Ability: Stakeout/Strong Jaw. Evolves from Yungoos.

    Formantis - Grass. Ability: Leaf Guard.

    Lurantis - Grass. Ability: Leaf Guard. Evolves from Formantis.

    Mudbray - Ground. Ability: Own Tempo/Stamina. Mudsdale's pre-evolution.

  • Written by Zachgoose - Tue, 19 Jul 2016 14:01:56 +0000

    Several new Pokémon were revealed in an official trailer this morning:

    Wimpod - Type: Bug/Water. Ability: Wimp Out - When this Pokémon's HP drops below half, it will automatically flee or switch out.

    Bounsweet - Type: Grass. Abilities: Leaf Guard / Oblivious.

    Comfey - Type: Fairy. Abilities: Flower Veil / Triage - Gives restoration moves high priority.

    Mudsdale - Type: Ground. Abilities: Own Tempo / Stamina - Increases defense by one stage when hit by an attack.

    Mimkyu - Type: Ghost/Fairy. Ability: Disguise - Allows it to escape damage the first time it is hit (like a one-time Substitute).

    Bewear - Type: Norma/Fighting. Abilities: Own Tempo / Fluffy - Halves damage from taken from contact moves, but doubles the damage it takes from Fire moves.

    Additionally, it appears that the new Hyper Training feature allows a max level Pokémon to increase it's IVs?! What's everyone's thoughts on all of this new information?

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