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Database: Blaziken
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Using Blaziken in battle

Most Used Blaziken Set: The choice band and choice scarf set get a notable mention, the choice band set can hurt like hell with flare blitz and superpower, all of which are high powered moves and both get stab. The choice scarf set is also an effective and surprising revenge killer, not to mention that flare blitz, superpower, hp ice and thunder punch can do a lot of damage to a lot of pokemons and give near excellent type coverage.

Usual Counters: Blaziken doesnt enjoy bulky waters, although a choice band thunder punch can 2hko all of those pesky bulky waters, and it scores a ohko on gyarados, hp ice can also kill those dragons which also serve as decent counters to chicken boy.

Sets Used To Counter Its Counters: The choice band set and choice specs sets really hurt its counters, obviously the choice band set is the one denting its counters but the specs set can also dent some of its counters, not to mention that all these sets still do a lot of respectable damage to everything.

Blaziken Is Most Used On: Offensive teams, since this chicken hurts like hell and should never be underestimated, it is not a weaker version of infernape as many people think it is, since it can actually dent its counters or counter its counters while infernape will have to use less effective sets to sufficiently beat them. .

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