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Database: Dugtrio
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Using Dugtrio in battle

Most Used Duggy Set: The choice band set is mostly used because of dugtrios mediocre attack stat. I mean dugtrio has a perfect ability which aids it at revenge killing, a speed stat which makes him extremely fast further aiding him at revenge killing, but the problem is, without choice band, his attack stat is mediocre and wont hurt a lot of pokemons, hence why choice band should be used over any other item. (Note that life orb can be used but its not preferable over choice band)

Usual Counters: You cant switch out if dugtrio has the arena trap ability so I guess it doesnt have counters, a counter has to be able to Switch in safely and not take much damage from the pokemon its countering and also do some respectable damage back at said pokemon, and since you cant switch then dugtrio does not have any counters. Because of dugtrios amazing stat distribution and ability, it will be rare if he doesnt get a kill per game. But weavile can make an interesting revenge killer since if duggy decides to switch then he dies to pursuit and if he doesnt then he dies to ice shard or ice punch, hence bringing mind games and prediction into the battle.

Sets Used To Counter Its Counters: Again, it has no counters since nothing can switch out, meaning nothing can be used to counter its counters since it doesnt have any!

Dugtrio Is Most Used On: Offensive teams looking for a good revenge killer that can aid some sweepers by revenge killing one of their counters hence aiding in setting up a possible sweep!

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