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Database: Gyarados
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Using Gyarados in battle

Most Used Gyara Set: Life orb dragon dance gyarados is used for its amazing ability at physical sweeping. It usually runs the following set; dragon dance, aqua tail, stone edge/earth quake and bounce. Basically with these moves many of its so called counters are now ohkoed.

Usual Counters: Celebi, vaporeon, starmie, suicune etc. Basically any bulky water can switch in with relative ease on gyarados.

Sets Used To Counter Its Counters: Life orb gyarados can almost beat all of its counters. Bounce might seem like a joke, but it really isnt. After a dragon dance boost, a life orb bounce will ohko celebi with stealth rocks down. Earth quake, stone edge or even bounce can also score an ohko on starmie if rocks are up and if gyara got a dragon dance boost. Vaporeon also takes 70% from a dd lo bounce, same goes to suicune.

Gyarados Is Most Used On: It should be used on offensive teams, but if you ever see a gyarados leading, then you should be careful of using an electric attack since electivire might switch in gaining a free speed boost.

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