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Using Porygon-Z in battle

Most Used Porygon-Z set: Scarf sets are the sets of use in todays offensive geared metagame, porygon-z gets double stab with tri attack, which is a 160 bp move if you factor the double stab, not only that but it also has a 10% chance of either a freeze, burn or paralyze. Furthermore, bolt beam has excellent coverage and, bolt beam+tri attack is walled by megnezone and sehdninja, the former will be easily dealt with by hp fighting, while you will almost never see the former.

Usual Counters: Steel types are porygon-zs and almost every normal types enemys, good switch ins are obviously heatran and metagross, since these 2 can also ko porygon z with their high powered moves, bronzong also makes a somewhat decent switch in, although, obviously, Lucario and skarmory are the only exceptions to the rule porygon-z Is walled by every steel type, since a predicted thunder bolt can ohko and 2hko these 2, respectively.

Sets Used To Counter Its Counters: Hp ground can be used to deal with both heatran and metagross, ohkoing and 2hkoing both of them, respectively, furthermore, a specs set can be used for a decent 3hko on metagross and heatran, making the 2 one time counters, but otherwise just stick with the moves listed, since you probably would nerf porygon-zs effectiveness if you use other moves than the ones mentioned.

Porygon-Z Is Most Used On: Offensive or standard ou teams, porygon-z is a really underrated sp.atk sweeper, and you shouldnt underestimate the cipher duck, if you got a magnezone, and if you effectively weakened your opponents heatran, then a scarfed porygon-z obviously has a big chance at sweeping a team like no other.

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