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Database: Gallade
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Using Gallade in battle

Most Used Gallade Sets: Once you see a gallade leading, then you obviously know that its an anti-lead gallade, holding lum berry, and using shadow sneak, close combat, stone edge and sword dance. This set can beat a lot of common leads like gengar, ninjask, bronzong, azelf etc So if you start of with one of these popular leads and face a gallade lead, then you should directly switch to a counter before it can do anything notable.

Usual Counters: Cressilia, dusknoir, bronzong, skarmory and a lot more of physical walls can work. Although, they should watch out for choice band gallade since it can defeat a lot of these counters with some prediction.

Sets Used To Counter Its Counters: Choice band boosted close combats can ohko skarmory, bronzong, fortress etc, and choice band boosted night slash scores a 2hko on dusknoir with rocks down, and a 3hko on cressilia (but if you get lucky with a crit then cressilia is toast), so you basically should be careful if gallade is using the choice band set.

Gallade Is Most Used On: Either offensive teams or some standard ou ones looking for a though anti-lead.

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